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Usage of Financial Analyses for Improving Business Performance
Sedláček, Jiří ; Oulehla, Jiří (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on evaluating and improving the financial performance of Ferona, Plc. using the method of financial analysis. The first part of the thesis theoretically deals with individual concepts of financial analysis. In the second part, the theoretically described methods are applied to the company financial situation and the results are compared with the industry average and the main competitor results. In the last part, there are suggestions for possible improvements of the current financial situation of the company.
Integration of advanced artificial intelligence methods with log management security systems
Sedláček, Jiří ; Mikulec, Marek (referee) ; Safonov, Yehor (advisor)
Cyber security is a very important aspect of everyone’s daily life. With the ever-expanding cyberspace and its growing influence on the real world, the issue of cyber security is all the more important. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the basic aspects of security monitoring. Also, the process of collecting event logs and their management is briefly described. An important means of security monitoring is the management of security information and events. Its advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements with artificial intelligence are discussed. Security orchestration, automation and response functions are also mentioned in the theoretical part. Machine learning techniques such as neural networks and deep learning are also mentioned. This section also focuses on cyber operations centres in terms of improving the efficiency of human ”manual” labour. A survey of possible machine learning techniques for this use case has been conducted, as the lack of human resources is a critical issue within security operations centres. The practical part of the thesis involves setting out a goal (text sequence classification) that could make the work considerably easier in terms of manually categorizing event logs according to their source. For this set task, security monitoring related data was collected from different log sources. In the practical part, the methods for processing this data are also described in detail. Subsequently, a suitable neural network model was selected and its technical description was performed. Finally, the final data processing and the process of training, validating and testing the model are described. Three scenarios were developed for this process, which are then described in detail in the measurement results.
Územní vztahy velkého agropodniku
Sedláček, Jiří
The master thesis “The territorial relations of a large agro-company” deals with rural sociology with an emphasis on rural space primarily as a production environment, but also as a space for life. This thesis follows selected areas of agricultural business activities and sociological sciences, focusing on a specific enterprise. The case study is ZOD Haná company, based in Švábenice, where I examine the functioning of the large agricultural enterprise and its influence on the environment. The thesis is based on research of official documents of agriculture collective and database of Czech Statistic Office. The result of the thesis is elaboration of demografic analysis of employees, collective members; comparation with country average; evaluation of collective influence, especially of countryside development and the relationship between supplier and subscriber. I submit that the agriculture collective based on model of former JZD is able to be a part of the current market environment. I rate adnvantages and disadvantages of conventional and ecologic agriculture.
Link layer LAN network security
Sedláček, Jiří ; Grenar, David (referee) ; Slavíček, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor‘s thesis is about security concerning local area networks of the data link layer. The goal of the thesis is to characterize basic functioning of the ISO/OSI reference model as well as describing how the data link layer works to understand the topic, specify the possibilities of attacking the data link layer (for example rogue DHCP server, ARP spoofing, CAM table overflow, attacking the spanning tree protocol and others) and possible security measures to protect against the attacks. The purpose of the thesis is also a suggestion for assembling an experimental network relating to the topic of the thesis. Theoretical part determines the most important protocols of the data link layer, methods of abusing them and protection of those protocols. The practical part contains a brief description of the attacks, used utilities for accomplishing the attacks, a network topology, execution of the attacks, detection and protection against the attacks as well as briefly summarizing the results. The thesis also sums up some of the possible recommended configuration to repel the attacks and suggesting how to behave in a cyber environment. For the purpose of simulating the attacks, Kali Linux and Windows 10 are the operating systems that were used the most in this thesis.
Digital conversion of analog signals
Čermák, Petr ; Sedláček, Jiří (referee) ; Murina, Milan (advisor)
My work is focused on digital elaboration of the analog signal. In my work the analysis has been carried out in all parts of digit chains processing analog signal. The entranced variable is signal from measuring coil, which is afterwards strengthen and transfer to a sampler. The sample signal is processed by an A/D converter and then sends to a parallel port. On the basis of acquired data the scheme has been constructed for sample processing. The transfer to the parallel port is done (made) in two steps, at first one part of the word is transferred and then the rest of the word follows. Between the converter and sampler is tight relationship and synchronization. Both of them are managed from one central bus.
Phishing and other risks of public Wi-Fi networks
Mäsiar, Daniel ; Luc, Ladislav (advisor) ; Sedláček, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with problematics of public wireless networks, with focus on tho-se operating in densely populated areas such as public transport, libraries or fast-food restau-rants. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate how users of public Wi-Fi networks behave, what their customs are and how high is their awareness about possible threats. In the intro of the theoretical part of this paper, main standards and norms are listed, essential terms are defined and various types of possible wireless attacks are presented as well as briefly described. Further, this thesis inspects possible ways of protection against these attacks and finally, term phishing is concisely defined. The empirical part is dedicated to creating of a suitable tool for gathering statistical data about awareness of users at public places. Further, this tool is used in combination with phishing methodics for the actual statistical research. The whole process will follow the rules and laws defined by The Office for Personal Data in Czech Republic.
Immediate Termination of an Employment Relationship
Sedláček, Jiří ; Bělina, Miroslav (advisor) ; Drápal, Ljubomír (referee)
The thesis covers the matter of immediate termination of an employment relationship as the one way of finishing the employment in the legal system of the Czech Republic. It presents the conditions for its validity and compares the reasons for those the employer and employee can immediately terminate their employment relationship. It also covers the theme of nullity of termination of an employment relationship by immediate dismissal or resignation, outlines the steps leading to its nullity and defines all the claims coming out from its nullity. Finally, it compares the immediate termination of an employment relationship as the way of termination the agreements on work performed outside an employment relationship.
The Influence of Insulating a Block of Flats in Trebic on the Expenses Related to its Operation
Sedláček, Jiří ; Kosová, Jaroslava (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
This thesis solves assessment and project insulation of a block of flats in Trebic, on the expenses related to its operation. In the theoretical part of thesis are given the reasons for thermal insulation of buildings, requirements in terms of energy intensity of buildings, static and fire safety for insulation of buildings. In the practical part, the current state of the block of flats is evaluated from a thermal-technical point of view, three new thermal insulation options are proposed, their evaluation and their return time calculated.
Analysis of production potential of forest stands on former agricultural land in Doupovske hory Mts. (VLS ČR, s.e., Division Karlovy Vary)
Sedláček, Jiří ; Bílek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Otakar, Otakar (referee)
This diploma thesis evaluates the structure and development of forest stands on former agricultural land in the conditions of Doupovské hory, VLS ČR, s.p. The main objective of this research was to compare production and growth characteristics of following tree species: Picea abies (L.) KARST., Larix decidua MILL., Acer pseudoplatanus L., Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn. and Populus nigra L. Stand structural characteristics were measured on 5 circular plots (500 m2) for each tree species. Beside basis dendrometric characteristics, health status of individual trees was evaluated and increment cores were taken for the description of growth dynamics (n > 10 for each tree species). Software Statistica 12 was used for the comparison of production parameters. Comparing all types of damage, the difference between alder (0.084) and maple (0.091) was not statistically significant, while larch (0.356) and poplar (0.513) both were significantly different from the first two mentioned tree species. The highest damage was confirmed in the case of spruce (0,736), which differed from all other species. On the other hand, spruce had the highest standing volume (416.8 m3.ha-1, 29.7 SD), followed by poplar (350.0 m3.ha-1, 91.7 SD). The lowest standing volume was stated in the case of maple (182.9 m3.ha-1, 73.3 SD), followed by larch (238.3 m3.ha-1, 57.7 SD). For all tree species we saw during the observation period decrease of diameter increment. The steepest decline is obvious for larch and alder, on the contrary relatively stable growth pattern was stated for maple and to a certain extent also poplar. Based on the research results, management guidelines for the selection of appropriate trees species and regeneration of studied stands are proposed.

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