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A Voice in the Desert
Zajíček, Pavel ; RUT, Přemysl (advisor) ; ČUNDERLE, Michal (referee)
The thesis A Voice in the desert examines the possibilities of beginnings, their continuance and reflection.
Sušánková, Zuzana ; RUT, Přemysl (advisor) ; ČUNDERLE, Michal (referee)
The topic of this work is the feedback in the Authorial reading seminar given by the students themselves. The author describes various types of feedback, feedback strategy and the way in which feedback affects an author. The author uses particularly reflection of her own experience gained during six semesters of the Authorial reading seminar.
The Phenomenon of Female Songwriting
Trchová, Martina ; Křivánek, Vladimír (advisor) ; Rut, Přemysl (referee)
Práce se snaží přiblížit tvorbu žen-písničkářek a její specifika. Vychází ze tří hloubkových sond do písňové produkce Dagmar Andrtové, Zuzany Navarové a Sester Steinových. Cílem je odhalit či popřít společné rysy jejich tvorby, ale především proniknout k nej vlastnější podstatě jejich písní. Jednotlivé studie mapují témata, motivy a jazykovou vrstvu jejich písňových textů, ale neopomíjí ani hudební a interpretační stránku, která je nedílnou součástí písňového umění. Úvodní kapitola je členěna do šesti podkapitol. První podkapitla se pokouší definovat útvar písně a začlenit písňový text do kontextu literatury. Druhá podkapitola jej vymezuje vůči příbuzným útvarům, jakými jsou báseň a zhudebněná báseň, následující čtyři podkapitoly se pak věnují fenoménu písničkáře, kořenům českého písničkářství a mapování tvorby žen-písničkářek. Další tři kapitoly jsou věnovány analýzám tvorby vybraných písničkářek. Závěr diplomové práce se snaží nalézt odpověď na základní otázku: Je možné nějak vymezit oblast ženského písničkářství? Odpověď vychází z jednotlivých provedených analýz, ale i obecnější genderové problematiky.
Sorytelling and Narration
Piskačová, Michala ; RUT, Přemysl (advisor) ; PETŘÍČEK, Miroslav (referee)
In the thesis entitled STORYTELLING AND NARRATION as an voice of contemporaneus live verbal creativity the aim is, above all, to capturean image of conteporaneus storyteller. We would like to define his role and possibilities in the present-day society and culture.We are searching for its roots and trying to define the main pillars of the basic storyteller´s skills. We evaluate today´s storytelling as a phenomenon embeded in oral tradition,but lead beyond the possibilities and boundaries of this primary orality and getting forms of nowadays live verbal creativity, which is determined by so-called secondary orality, and also here finds out its relevant place.
Voice as an Artwork Challenge
Drábková, Anna ; JANDA ROGLOVÁ, Tereza (advisor) ; RUT, Přemysl (referee)
This thesis clarifies the elementary terminology on the field of the voice and voice disorders, deals with the problem of voice formation and the function of voice-forming organs and addresses the issue of the influence of voice possibilities and its variability on the artworks. The author of the thesis tries to answer the question why the voice quality and option variability is so decisive for her work. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter explains the elementary knowledge about voice, the voice-forming organs necessary for voice expression, basic qualities of human voice and its development. The second chapter outlines the issue of voice disorders. The ones mainly described in detail are those which the author of the thesis is subjected to. These disorders are closely related to the artwork analysed in the third chapter. The third chapter addresses the way and level of voice influence over the artwork. The voice variability allowing one's self-reflection through various ways is the key topic. Voice options, their use and artwork impact are also discussed.
My ways to authorial acting
Chrostková, Barbora ; HANČIL, Jan (advisor) ; RUT, Přemysl (referee)
This work describes author's ways to authorial acting in connection with her studies at the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy. The first part deals with the notions of authorial theatre and authorial acting in the context of Czech and international theatre. The second part deals with reflexion and analysis of author's experience in the field of authorial acting. In individual chapters of this part the author describes how her approach to authorial theatre and her stage personality have developed through study, author's presentations and experience with other areas of theatre. As an outcome of this work the author formulates her principles of authorial acting which are based on the notion of authorial acting as an open playing, creative acting and personal development.
Direction as Authorial Creativity
Bábek, Oskar ; HANČIL, Jan (advisor) ; RUT, Přemysl (referee)
This thesis explores with the means of self reflection my own experience with theatre direction. It views this discipline as a product of authorial creativity and it analyses the relationship between the director and the playwright.
Being a Body - Living in the Spirit
Machková, Markéta ; RUT, Přemysl (advisor) ; PILÁTOVÁ, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with psychosomatical studies and mainly studies of the Acting with the Inner Partner discipline by Ivan Vyskočil. In connection with the theoretical dialogue principle in the work of Martin Buber and out of her own reflections of practical studies, the author tries to touch spiritual lapping such disciplines might offer. Through an essayistic form she is also looking around her own spiritual life path and is asking about how much does one's experiencing of the spiritual grow out of his own body awareness.
Johnny´s journey: Observation of a young disciple of acting
Večeřa, Jan ; HANČIL, Jan (advisor) ; RUT, Přemysl (referee)
In my thesis, I deal with the acting discipline in the context of what I have learnt during my studies at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (The Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy) and in the context of what I have learnt during my life in general. Thus, the work is, in many instances, a personal confession on the theme of acting rather than an academic or scientific paper. Each chapter is opened with a new theme which I attempt to analyse and explore from the adept of acting point of view. The themes I touch upon are, among others: the personality of the actor, his authenticity, spontaneity, his acting self-consciousness etc. The language of the analysis is my own and the results are compared with existing theories. The main theme of my thesis could be defined as interconnection of the human and the actor´s existence, in other words, the relationship of the actor with life-his own and the life of people around him. I am searching for a relationship between life and acting and I attempt to relate both in some context. When exploring the themes, I refer to my experience and memories from childhood (and memories of others as well), growing up, adulthood, my studies etc. In some sections, I reflect upon my acting experience and I relate them to particular performances or roles.
The dialogue author - music; about the process of origin of a conceptional musical piece
Urbánek, Stanislav ; RUT, Přemysl (advisor) ; ČUNDERLE, Michal (referee)
The author in this thesis addresses selected aspects of the process of origin of a conceptional musical piece, particularly a song (as a complete form), he reflects the principle of a dialogue which is present in music and tries to describe the way in which the originating musical structure is perceived from the point of view of the author. That is the communication of the authorial self with his own musical idea. Furthermore the author strives to authentically reflect the process of the origin of his own musical attempts. Each of the five chapters of this thesis deals with different set of themes- themes which are closely connected with the actual process of musical creation (the process of creating music and foremost the process of "making" songs). The first chapter is dedicated to formation of values and to determining the author-music relationship, while the question of taste, necessity and creative direction is being emphasized. The second chapter attempts to answer the question what exactly can be regarded as a song, how its boundaries can be defined and in what way can time and space be managed within those boundaries. The third chapter approaches the author's relationship with his music as a dialogue, tries to describe it and it also deals with understanding of the current in music and the necessity of the element of the immediate during the process of musical creation. In chapter four of this thesis the order of steps in the birth of a song is discussed - from the initial idea to the final form. In the last fifth chapter the author seeks his own constructive and creative expression and he especially analyzes the relationship between originality and authenticity.

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