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Czech modern conservatism in the light of the SPOLU (Together) coalition
Rumiantceva, Iuliia ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Charvát, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis examines contemporary Czech conservatism in the context of the SPOLU coalition, which currently consists of three political parties (ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-ČSL). The main goal of the work is to analyze different approaches to conservatism within the coalition. The thesis consists of a theoretical and analytical part, focused on the development of conservatism as an ideology and individual party families, as well as on the current political situation in Europe and the conservative faction of the EU. This work first deals with the concept of conservatism, its origin, and the definition of the concept. The analytical part of the work focuses on the analysis of the conservatism of the parties of the SPOLU coalition, including their attitude to traditional family values, national identity and culture, social and economic policy and other aspects that are fundamental to conservatism. Subsequently, the work deals with the ideological position of individual political parties and then performs their analysis. Based on the analysis, it is defined whether the parties are truly conservative. The work will also explore whether the coalition parties could merge to form a new political party. The research questions are whether the SPOLU coalition can be considered conservative and whether the...
Social media as an instrument of political marketing: analysis of czech political parties
Rumiantceva, Iuliia ; Císař, Ondřej (advisor) ; Sedláček, Jakub (referee)
Bachelor thesis is about using social networks as a tool of political marketing. The aim of this work is analysis of social networks in the political marketing of Czech political parties and using the image of political marketing on social networks in numbers. Thesis is about comparison of communication on social networks with various Czech political parties. The work is focused on the communication of Czech political parties on social networks in the years 2016-2019. In this work I focused on social networks of selected Czech political parties; they are ANO, KSČM, ČSSD, SPD, Piráti, ODS, TOP 09 and STAN. Data collection is made with the help of It is a website that analyzes social networks and pages on social networks. It is a tool for managing, controlling, monitoring and caring for customers on social networks. The main conclusion of the thesis is that Czech political parties follow international trends in issues of political promotion, communication and representation. Czech political parties improve their communication during years and every year become more active.

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