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Examination of structures and functions of the shoulder joint in swimmers.
Lenčéšová, Eliška ; Kučerová, Klára (advisor) ; Rampová, Michaela (referee)
Swimming is considered one of the most suitable physical activities. Almost all muscle groups are involved in this sport. The aquatic environment in which this sport is performed eliminates the static load that is present in other sports. This is one of the many reasons why this sport is considered an ideal physical activity for people of all age groups. Shoulder injuries and pain are the most common problems swimmers experience. This occurs because of the nature of the movement that is performed during swimming. It involves repetitive movement of the upper limbs, the great effort required to overcome the resistance of the water and the attempt to generate as much speed as possible. These, and many more, are the reasons why the highest number of injuries occur at this location. Most of the force that is generated to move forward is provided by the upper limbs. The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to compare shoulder examination using clinical tests, which are available to all examiners, with ultrasound examination. Six subjects were examined, 3 males and 3 females. All probands are currently involved in competitive swimming or have been involved in the past and are currently practicing the sport at least 4 times a week. The probands involved in this work reported one shoulder with present pain...
Physiotherapy in scoliosis after the surgery
Kačírková, Hana ; Šafářová, Marcela (advisor) ; Rampová, Michaela (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to present information regarding the surgical treatment of scoliosis and care for the operated patient. The options of the operation, its indications, contraindications, risks and goals are presented. The thesis describes the care of the patient preoperatively, perioperatively and postoperatively, and the procedures used and recommended measures are presented. The effect of scoliosis on the patient and the changes after surgery are mentioned. The assumption is that physiotherapy has a positive effect on the outcome of the surgical intervention. Part of the practical part is a case report of a patient with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis after surgery by the posterior approach fusion technique. This patient regularly attended physiotherapy and exercised intensively. As part of the case report, a kinesiological analysis was performed supplemented by functional tests from DNS, dynamic tests, examination of breathing stereotype and measurement of chest flexibility. The examination was carried out twice four months apart. The results were compared with each other with the assumption that continuous rehabilitation before and after surgery will bring improvement in the monitored tests. This assumption was confirmed.
Stability in Showjumping and Dressage Riders
Vaňková, Kateřina ; Kučerová, Klára (advisor) ; Rampová, Michaela (referee)
Horse-riding has a major influence on the posture of the whole body of the rider. Rider has to constantly compensate the movement of horse's body and has to maintain a proper seat. The compensation is very demanding in harder tasks (showjumping, trotting) and is provided mainly by the trunk area of rider's body. In addition, if the saddle doesn't fit the rider, it leads to improper seat and the compensation becomes even harder. In long term, that could affect different segments of the rider's body and his overall stability. The practical part of this thesis consists of one-time examination of two groups. The first group contained nine showjumping and dressage riders who engage in horse-riding regularly over many years and do not do any other sport or compensatory exercises. The second group was control group and consisted ten healthy controls. Both groups contained 19-24 years old volunteers of the same gender. The main goal was to compare the two groups and to find out whereas the inclusion of the compensatory excercises would be desirable for riders. The examination was executed using a force plate with the software Kistler MARS (Measurement, Analysis & Reporting Software). On the force plate, postural stability of standing and a dynamic test were examined. Intrumental examination was...

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