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Černá Pivovarová, Maria ; Rakušanová, Marie (advisor) ; Hauser, Jakub (referee) ; Glanc, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis Between Picture and Word,The Life and Work of Viktor Pivovarov explores the life and art of one of the leading personalities of Russian unofficial art. Viktor Pivovarov is considered one of the founders of The Moscow Conceptual School. He has been living and working in Prague, Czech Republic since 1982. His works are represented in major world collections, e.g. in The Tate Gallery in London, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, in The Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow, The Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg and The National Gallery in Prague. The thesis is divided into three parts: 1) Life, time, contexts, 2) Work and 3) Timeline. The first part covers the artist's biography, the period context and the so-called unofficial Russian art of the 1950s- 70s. It also deals with his influence on the Czech cultural scene. The second part analyzes selected works by Pivovarov and tries to present an overall characterization of his art. It also attempts to place his work in the Russian, Czech and the West art contexts. The third part, the timeline, focuses on the important dates in Pivovarov's life and work and on crucial political and cultural events.
Reflections of the Socialist Past in the Art of Central European Countries
Rathouská Štroblová, Kateřina ; Rakušanová, Marie (advisor) ; Czumalo, Vladimír (referee) ; Havránek, Vít (referee)
The dissertation thesis is focused on specific segment of contemporary visual artists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Slovak Republic, whose work reflects the recent past. The thesis maps and interprets artistic reflections of the past with emphasis on the era of socialism in the region of Central Europe, and defines the characteristic features of the generation of artists born in the 70s and their position in the post-socialist situation. These artistic approaches are categorized and anchored in the broad current of the so-called historiographical turn in contemporary art and put in a broader cultural and art historical context. Keywords contemporary art, Central Europe, historiographic turn, archive, socialist modernism, nostalgia
Theorist and Artist. Jindřich Chalupecký and František K. Foltýn.
Peterová, Ruth ; Rakušanová, Marie (advisor) ; Klimešová, Marie (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to present the life of Jindřich Chalupecký (1910-1990), a world-renowned theorist, art critic, writer, and curator. The text describes in detail his professional life with emphasis on his work for two Prague art galleries: Václav Špála Gallery and Voršilská Gallery. Furthermore, a part of the thesis is dedicated to Chalupecký's relationships with artists and examines the ways in which they collaborated. This aspect of Chalupecký's curatorial work is mainly represented in the thesis by the mapping of his relationship with Kolín-based painter and poet František Karel Foltýn (1937-2000). Foltýn is presently regarded as a painter of local importance. That is precisely why his relationship to Jindřich Chalupecký, especially in the beginnings of his career, which Chalupecký supported him through and helped him exhibit his work among renowned artists, is of such interest to me. The thesis is accompanied by their transcribed correspondence from the years 1964-1971. It also explores Jindřich Chalupecký's working relationships with other Kolín-based artists, such as Zdenek Rykr and Jiří Balcar, respectively. The thesis assumes that interpersonal relationships are an essential part of the study of art history, as they significantly influence this history. This is precisely why it...
Problems of Czech and German expressionism in the context of contemporary art history, art theory and philosophy
Rakušanová, Marie ; Wittlich, Petr (advisor) ; Bydžovská, Lenka (referee) ; Lahoda, Vojtěch (referee)
The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English
The Temptation of Saint Anthony. The Theme of Modern Art between Text and Image.
Hekrdlová, Alice ; Wittlich, Petr (referee) ; Rakušanová, Marie (referee)
This thesis examines the Temptation of Saint Anthony in the last quarter of the 19th century in France and Belgium. By analysis of particular art works it shows the variability of iconography and complexity of the Temptation theme which reflects the contemporary relation to religion, history, science, exotism, eroticism and other areas, which man living in the era of greate changes was confronted with. The importance of "The Temptation of Saint Anthony" by Gustave Flaubert is emphasized as an inspirational source for fine arts and on the general level the relation of text and visual presentation is discussed. The final part of the thesis dealing with "fin de siècle" art references the metamorphosis of the Temptation of st. Anthony in literature and fine arts as well as historical, social and religious relations in the context of which the character of Saint Anthony gradually became a permanent part of French culture.
The beginning of czech and hungarian avant-garde between 1907-1912 in the context of Europe and Central Europe relations
Rambousková, Zuzana ; Rakušanová, Marie (advisor) ; Prahl, Roman (referee)
The aim of this paper is to chart the emergence of the avant-garde in Central and Eastern Europe, making use of its development in two local centres, Prague and Budapest. Through the analysis of artistic transfers, it attempts to fully comprehend the complex geopolitical area in its cultural relation vis-á-vis Western Europe, widely held to be the locus of aesthetic progressivism at the time. In doing so, the paper aims to assess the appropriateness of the established terms of centre and periphery, which have served as the tools for encapsulating the problematic relation between the West and the East in previous research. The work will focus on the comparison between the early avant-garde formation in Prague and Budapest. It was in these places that the dynamic Osma and Nyolcak groups began to concurrently form, independent of deeper relations or artistic exchanges in their coexistence. First, I observe the ways in which select artists gained experience, specifically through their presence in the centre of international action - Paris. Further, I compare the goals and the manners in which the artists endeavoured to share this essential experience with aesthetic canon as well as with arts trade, in their home cities, Prague and Budapest. Finally, the assessment of conditions facilitating the...
"Sans retour". Russian Émigré Artists in Interwar Prague
Hauser, Jakub ; Winter, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jančárková, Julie (referee) ; Rakušanová, Marie (referee)
In the interwar period, Prague became one of the important centers of immigration from the former Russian empire, mostly thanks to the receptive stance of the fledgling republic and its political representation. This dissertation, dedicated to the visual art scene of "Russian Prague", does not confine itself to only consider artists who found themselves in exile in Czechoslovakia. Rather, it focuses on the position of Prague within the larger network of contacts of the Russian diaspora as such, and surveys relations of the local exile community with other émigré centers, especially Paris. By engaging perspectives of institutional frameworks, acquisition practices and strategies, as well as their political motivations, this study takes the Russian art collection of the Karásek Gallery, state purchases of Russian art, the Archive and Collection of Slavonic Art at the Slavonic Institute, the Scythian group and the permanent art exhibition of the Russian Cultural-Historical Museum as symptomatic examples that reveal the shifting boundaries of the notion of "Russian art outside Russia." It also brings the artistic production of the interwar period into conversation with that of the art traditions of pre-revolutionary Russia. All the described phenomena are characterized by rich international contacts and a...
Lived experience of an artwork as a scientific and methodological problem: new challenges of "the science of subjectivity" based on neuroscience and phenomenology
Grygarová, Dominika ; Rakušanová, Marie (advisor) ; Horáček, Jiří (referee) ; Hampejs, Tomáš (referee)
The presented dissertation deals with the topic of scientific research of experience/lived experience of works of art, using the methods of cognitive sciences and phenomenology. The work selectively summarizes the current research of such experiences in the field of history and theory of art, but especially in the field of cognitive neuroscience of art. The work identifies a fundamental reduction of experiencing art works caused by the epistemology, methodology and concepts of cognitive sciences embedded in cognitivism. Furthermore, the dissertation theoretically considers the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration with phenomenology, which, in turn, describes the experience non-reductively, from a first-person perspective. The dissertation identifies the basic conceptual problems of this interdisciplinary project and proposes a solution using neurophenomenology. In its experimental part, the dissertation presents some results of my own neuroimaging studies, which examined the experiences of viewers while viewing art works, both in terms of specific results and in terms of methodology. Finally, I will present a proposal for a new neuroimaging experiment inspired by neurophenomenology, which will use phenomenological introspective and interviewing methods in combination with objective...
Czech Informel Graphic Art
Krtička, Jiří ; Rakušanová, Marie (advisor) ; Michálek, Ondřej (referee) ; Nešlehová, Mahulena (referee)
The Printmaking of Czech Art Informel Author: Jiří Krtička Abstract The thesis deals comprehensively with the printmaking of Czech Art Informel: explores its sources, principles and themes, evaluates contributions of individual artists and analyses the technique of "structural printmaking". The first artworks in Informel style in Czechoslovakia were created during World War II by Josef Istler who belongs to European protagonists of Art Informel movement. In post-war years Istler engaged mostly in painting and monotyping. For this reason it was Vladimír Boudník who became the leading personality of Czech Informel printmaking. In 1949 he declared in two manifestos of "explosionalism" his vision of a new art that he followed and carried out with admirable consistency till the end of his life. In the middle of 1950s Boudník started to elaborate "structural printmaking" - innovative printmaking methods that became a way to fulfil his vision. His work influenced strongly the whole generation of Czech artists and essentially helped to introduce Art Informel to Czechoslovakia against the ideologic resistance of the communist regime. Czech Informel achieved excellent qualities in Europe-wide comparison and "structural printmaking" became its original contribution to the world fine art. Keywords Art Informel,...
The art of Běla Kolářová in the context of gender
Špálová, Eliška ; Klimešová, Marie (advisor) ; Rakušanová, Marie (referee)
This thesis studies the work of artist Běla Kolářová in the context of gender. This aspect of her work has not been fully analysed yet. Although often being associated with the so-called 'female essence', Kolářová's work is very diverse in terms of style and content. While she works predominantly with everyday objects which have traditionally been connected to women's activities such as sewing, cooking or applying make-up, she also uses tools as well as gender neutral objects in her material assemblages. This thesis deals with the diverse nature of Kolářová's work and argues against the one-dimensional view that her work only addresses an antiquated image of feminine character. Keywords Běla Kolářová, gender, art, feminism, female art

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