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Vyhodnocení ekonomické situace obce Vémyslice
Pavlíček, Lukáš
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the issue of budget management of a selected municipality. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to analyse the management of the village Vémyslice in the years 2014-2020, based on it to evaluate the financial situation of the village and finally to propose a solution to any shortcomings. The first part deals with the theoretical foundations of the financial health of municipalities, the space is devoted to municipalities and its specifics and public administration. The second half of the work is devoted to the analysis of the management of the village Vémyslice. The budget analysis was performed in terms of the amount and structure of revenue and expenditure. Furthermore, the work calculates the indicators of indebtedness and liquidity, according to which it is clear, that the financial situation in the municipality is stabilized.
Improvement of energy supply in industrial process
Pavlíček, Lukáš ; Nerud, Pavel (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
The main subjekt of that diploma thesis is an optimalization energetic ekonomy of a bathroom. The ojective is propose suitable resolution for decrease decrement heating and employ outlet heat of burnt gas which are going from steam generator. In the first part of thesis is evaluation inceptive state, inlet and outlet flows of energies. In the next part, there are confront indivudual resolving from technically angle and economically angle.
Foreign Direct Investment - A Proposal Evaluation
Pavlíček, Lukáš ; Heyduk, Petr (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
Předmětem diplomové práce je vyhodnocení investičního návrhu do zahraničí. V teoretické části práce je důraz kladen na analýzy, jež pomáhají popsat okolí a průmysl v zemi investice. Je zde dána definice přímé zahraniční investice a práce se zmiňuje i o historii. Hlavní náplní teoretické části je příprava investice, způsoby vyhodnocení a stavba cash flow. Poslední kapitola se zabývá riskem, který vyplývá ze změn v kurzech měn. V teoretické části je provedena analýza PESTLE a Portrův model pěti sil. Jsou popsány přímé zahraniční investice v Německu a v neposlední řadě je vyhodnocena zamýšlená investice.
Oboe section of Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
Pavlíček, Lukáš ; MIHULE, Jiří (advisor) ; BROŽKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
Thesis about oboe section of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra introducing first prosopographical summary of oboists from 1926 to 2014, who were employed in the orchestra or were in long term assistance. A biographical inventory of oboists and their solo recording catalogues are fundamental prerequisites for deeper reasearch for developement of interpretative forms. The first three chapters describe resources, sources and historical and contemporary forms of radio orchestra. Chapter four illustrates circumstances of the formation of Prague Chamber Orchestra. The last chapter consists of resumes of individual oboists, including their detailed education and artistic career. Indispensable components of this thesis are charts of recordings for Czech Radio. The author analyzes the biographical inventory of oboists in radio orchestra and considers the role of the oboe section and it's position in interpretation of solo compositions. The apendix includes sources and other materials, photos and documents from the radio archives.
Concerto for Oboe and Small Orchestra AV 144
Pavlíček, Lukáš ; Mihule, Jiří (advisor) ; Hlaváč, Jiří (referee) ; Brožková, Jana (referee)
The subject of this thesis is Richard Strauss's oboe concert. The author puts the historical beginnings of this concert into a new perspective and carries out several comparisons. The first two chapters describe the composer's artistic progress, his brief biography and the history of the concert's origins. They straighten out a popular legend, which is full of anecdotes and inaccuracies. Next chapter analyses the concert in its formally-thematic aspect and the analysis is supported by short note examples. Related to that is the following chapter, which compares the original manuscript with the printed score and shows examples of differences. The main focus of the last three chapters is interpretation, introduced with short biographies of three musicians, and a detailed comparison of their recordings and concepts of the concert. After the conclusion, the author presents appendices containing the sources and materials used, e.g. a chart showing time comparison of recordings, photos documenting the the gradual development of the concert as well as music sheets.

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