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Forbidden fruit
Kyselá, Kristýna ; Nytra, Martin (referee) ; Štindlová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis Forbidden fruit is inspired by the pole dance exotic community, striptease dancers and the dance itself (pole dancing with heels). The work consists of a series of paintings on canvas painted using a combined technique (shellac ink, tempera, oil and encaustic). The central motif of the paintings are figures, portraits or details of dancers. Dance and dancers serve as a bridge for other subthemes: performativity, eroticism, gesture, physicality, exhibitionism, submissiveness or dominance. The work plays out the complex theme of pole dance, erotic dances, sexuality and the sexualization of the female body. It gives us an insight into nightclubs, dance halls and the intimate life of the main characters who reveal themselves and tell us their own story.
The Scar
Sláma, Matěj ; Nytra, Martin (referee) ; Mazanec, Martin (advisor)
Diploma thesis Scar is a short film about the fictional history of the found „monument“. In the animated film, I examine the context and meaning of the „monument“ in a virtual environment that I created based on visual documentation and mapping of specific places that I explored during my expeditions through the urban landscape of Brno and The Hague. These are mainly „lost“ spaces (also referred to as vague terrain or no man's land), which inspired me to create my own visual map of my urban explorations. The starting point of the work is personal lived experience, which I reflect by documenting places, creating 3D objects and manipulating 3D scans of „lost“ spaces with elements of computer games. In the resulting film, the viewer follows a guide–walk through a virtual environment where objective reality is intentionally blended with a fictional world built on the author's imagination.

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4 Nytra, Michal
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