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Molecular phylogeny and evolutionary trends in Hieracium (Asteraceae, Lactuceae)
Krak, Karol ; Fehrer, Judith (advisor) ; Zozomová, Judita (referee) ; Nieto Feliner, Gonzalo (referee)
The hawkweed subgenus Hieracium s. str. is notoriously known for its extreme morphological variability and variation in ploidy levels that is associated with differences in modes of reproduction. Extensive past hybridization is supposed for the subgenus, but recent hybridization was evidenced only in few cases. The subgenus attracts the attention of botanists already for more than a century. Therefore the species diversity is largely examined and the taxonomy of the subgenus is well elaborated, although several contradictory taxonomic concepts exist. However the relationships among the species are unknown and haven't been studied yet. The investigation of these relationships from a phylogenetic perspective using molecular approaches was the main aim of the presented thesis. Basic species (both diploid and polyploid), representing morphologically unique taxa, that are supposed to be the basic evolutionary units of the subgenus were studied. The sequences of two intergenic spacers of the cpDNA (trnT-trnL and trnV-ndhC) and the external transcribed spacer of the nuclear ribosomal DNA (nrDNA ETS) were analyzed. Moreover, three new low-copy nuclear markers with higher variability than nrDNA and cpDNA markers were developed and their suitability for phylogenetic studies in Hieracium s. str. was...

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