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Mapping of ICT processes towards global standards as a basis for process optimization
Nekula, Petr ; Chlapek, Dušan (advisor) ; Bruckner, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis deals with an interesting issue of mapping the ICT processes toward global standards in order to create a basis for process optimization. The author aims to research this subject in its complex range from both theoretical and practical points of view. Theoretical background of the final thesis initiates with a thorough research of all available resources on the topic of the process mapping and description of selected global standards for ICT process management together with their process models. Subsequently the most crucial supporting disciplines used for process mapping are also described. In the following section, the author provides a full description of process mapping proposal, the phases of which correspond with a PDCA lifecycle, all the above mentioned facilitating to enable a long-term continual process improvement. The whole process is being described in details, taking a closer look at each individual activity. Special consideration is taken to the procedure of selection of standards and goals for mapping and reflecting business environment. Practical part of author's thesis covers actual mapping in a selected company as to provide confirmation and verification of the proposed procedure. The field mapping in the company is performed using COBIT 5 and ISO/IEC 20000 standards. The mapping results are then evaluated and reached outcomes are displayed by using the prepared templates. Author's conclusion covers a range of gained knowledge from the implementation of mapping. Finally a set of proposals for using the mapping results in practice is provided. The thesis provides a comprehensive guide to the implementation of mapping of ICT processes towards global standards as a basis for process optimization. A significant benefit is the verification of theoretical procedure in a real business environment and its overall focus on practical applicability. The document may be used by both ICT professionals for their own mapping projects or by the members of academia for further research in the given field.
E-shop with quality premium food. Business plan.
Nekula, Petr ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
Main content of this document is a business plan. Its main target is full business plan preparation and answer of the question of its feasibility based on its estimated profitability. Document includes two main parts. First one is focused on used methodology and theoretical background. Second one contains full business plan in its complex range prepared on the basis of defined methodology. Main question about its feasibility is answered at the end. The business plan was prepared for possible practical usage in real business.

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1 Nekula, Pavel