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Collection of exampels from statistics for secondary school´s students
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to compile a collection of exampels from statistics for secondary school´s students. This thesis is also focused on explanation of basic related concepts with the given examples. There are also examples to excercise, where you can verify the correct solution at the end of each chapter.
Vliv technologie pěstování cukrové řepy na množství a kvalitu půdní organické hmoty
The diploma thesis is focused on monitoring the content of soil organic matter and its quality in two variants of samples. The main goal of this thesis is to analyze and compare the values of soil samples taken in the sugar beet using two different variants of agrotechnical interventions - mechanical weed control with loosening and a variant using pesticides without loosening. Sampling took place near the village of Úhřetická Lhota in the Pardubice Region. The samples were processed in the laboratory and after their analysis the monitored parameters of quantity and quality of soil organic matter were determined: CPPOH - carbon of primary soil organic matter, CSOF - carbon of stable organic fractions, Corg - total organic carbon, constant k - quality indicator of primary soil organic matter
How pupils solve generalising tasks
Nováková, Aneta ; Vondrová, Naďa (advisor) ; Novotná, Jarmila (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on generalization tasks. Its aim is to gain insight into the solving strategies that pupils use and to determine whether the chosen approach depends on the acquired knowledge about the variable. The work is divided into theoretical and research part. The theoretical chapter contains three parts. The first is devoted to letters in mathematics and generalization problems as one of the ways of introducing a variable. The next part presents the results of Czech pupils in the international comparative research TIMSS in the problems on generalisation. The last part is devoted to curricular documents and the analysis of selected textbooks in terms of the occurrence of generalization problems. More attention was devoted to the only textbook series which includes generalization tasks. The research part is the core of the work. Its aim is to describe the solution strategies of selected pupils. Four tasks were the basis of the research. They were selected by the author from various research sources and graded according to their difficulty. Pupils who had already encountered the term variable were the target group as well as pupils for whom it was a new term. Eight pupils participated in the research. They were interviewed about their solutions of the assigned tasks. Next, the...
Vliv stanoviště a agrotechniky na produkci fytomasy vybraného klonu topolu (Populus nigra L. X Populus maximowiczii Henry) pro energetické účely
The thesis deals with theme of fast-growing species and with the impact of agricultural practices (like choice of location, care and possibility of fertilizers usage) which are the most important factors for successful cultivation of energy tree species. The introductory part of the thesis contains an explanation of the term biomass and its possible distribution by types and ways of obtaining the biomass. Following chapters deal with fast-growing tree species. The issues of cultivation are also described here in parts like basic characteristics, history of these energy species, legislative restrictions and procedure during founding of the plantation itself, selection and preparation of locality, the use of agricultural practices (cultivation, fertilization). The practical part deals with it´s own experiment with a clone of poplar J 105 (Populus nigra L. x Populus maximowiczii Henry). This clone of poplar was planted on four experimental plots. The growth depending on the conditions of habitat and selected agritechnical measures was observed in following years. There are descriptions of conditions on all localities, chosen ways of planting and aftercare about tree vegetation. Another experiment which contained adding different types of nitrogenous fertilizers was performed in the last period of observing. Results showed that the greatest impacts on the quality of the growth of fast-growing trees have properly chosen location and aftercare about tree vegetation, at least in the first vegetation period. Addition of fertilizer seemed as important only in case of planting on nutrient very poor sites.
Development of economy and economic cycle
Nováková, Aneta ; Brčák, Josef (advisor) ; Frydrych, Jakub (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of the economy and the economic cycle. The theoretical part is focused on macroeconomic indicators, specifically gross domestic product, inflation and unemployment. Futher are explained aggregate supply, aggregate demand, Okun´s law and Phillips curve. It is described economic cycle, its phases and causes of origin. The second part is practical, which specifically analyzes on the Czech economy since 1993 the economic cycle. It is tracing the evolution of macroeconomic indicators from 1993 until 2015 and explained his reasons for the decline and growth of marcoeconomic indicators. This analysis is based on the ifluence of gross domestic product, the unemployment situation. Another integral part of the Czech economy copared with selected states of the European Union, to which the Czech Republic exports most of its products. The last point in the practical part of the predicted economic development in the following two years.
Issues of quality of pork meat and boar smell
This diploma work is focused on the processing of information concerning meat quality and boar taint. The use of boar meat is in recent years a very common theme in the area of animal welfare. In addition to traditional castration of pigs, for piglets which is physically and mentally exhausting, are now new alternatives previous occurrence of boar taint. In the first part of this work there are listed aspects of breeding pigs and boars, boar taint problems and ways to eliminate objectionable taint. Using selected methods of sensory analysis were assessed for weight samples graded boar meat. The aim was to determine the acceptability of boar taint threshold for the consumer . For the purposes of veterinary inspection in slaughterhouses in the Czech republic uses boil test to identify boar taint. In the practical part was used boil test, when evaluated in some samples found unpleasant taint. Women were more sensitive to the taint of the meat than men, wichic is caused by steroid hormones. In further tests of sensory consumer panel evaluations submitted samples according to their preferences from best to worst and then in pairs test described the intensity differences between samples. The test results were processed according to the methodology and standard of ČSN. Between samples of boar meat were found statistically significant differences at a confidence level of 95%.
Changes of the tax mixes in the EU during the crisis
Nováková, Aneta ; Kubátová, Květa (advisor) ; Kostohryz, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with the question whether the financial crisis caused changes in the structure of tax revenues in the EU Member States. It's necessary to specify trends in the tax mixes that helps us to determine whether the changes in the structure can be really caused by the crisis or it is EU long-term trend. The analysis focuses on indirect taxes, social contributions and direct taxes that are analyzed separately as personal income taxes and corporate income taxes. The analyzed period is the beginning of the crisis. These are mostly the changes in the turning period pre-crisis and crisis (2006 and 2007 are compared with 2008 and 2009). The analysis is performed by t-tests.
Selected parameters of quality in pig meat
The bachelor thesis focuses on processing the information on issues of pork such as qualitative characteristics in the context of the carcass value in pig and describes the aspects that influence them. At first the carcass value and factors affecting it - genetic determinants, breed, sex, age, weight, etc. were described. Then the biochemical composition of meat was characterized with the emphasis on of the intramuscular fat content which is related to the proportion of lean meat in carcass. Further, the quality of meat and its characteristics - pH, color, water holding capacity, electrical conductivity of the meat were processed. There were included sensory characteristics of meat - the taste, aroma, juiciness and tenderness, as well. Attention was also focused on internal and external influences affecting meat quality both positively and negatively (nutrition, farming methods, feed additives, effects of handling and slaughter). In conclusion, the quality variations of pork and the SEUROP system currently used by for the assessment of slaughter pigs is showed.
Tax reforms in modern history of the Czech Republic
Nováková, Aneta ; Svátková, Slavomíra (advisor) ; Hammer, Jiří (referee)
My Bachelor thesis is focused on tax reforms from view of the theory. The study is trying to accurately define the concept of reform and describe the most important tax changes in the period, which are called reforms. The main aim is to analyze and evaluate whether these "tax reforms" between 1993 - 2009 in the Czech Republic constitute a theoretical concept indeed. Regarding the theme extent, the focus of my thesis is mainly on four periods. We can say that clear and precise definition of reform does not exist. To a considerable extent is up to us, as we interpret the definition. Reforms are always made in response to certain changes in the systems.

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