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Limitations of professional liability in relation to the professions of auditor, tax adviser and accountant with regard to the duty of confidentiality
Belšánová, Ivana ; Molín, Jan (advisor) ; Králíček, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis "Limitations of professional liability in relation to the professions of auditor, tax adviser and accountant with regard to the duty of confidentiality" focuses on a more detailed elaboration of the selected specific segment of professional liability of the given professions, on the legal and ethical obligations in the field of confidentiality and the possibility of its breaking. The introductory part of the thesis deals with confidentiality in terms of historical development and its importance in the present. Further, it outlines the area of moral and ethical responsibility, legal liability in general, and confidentiality as a specific duty. The concept of confidentiality of the professions of auditors, tax advisers and accountants represents the core of the presented work. The duty of confidentiality of the profession of auditors is significantly influenced by the public interest in the presented information in the form of opinion on the financial statements of the audited entities, and thus the possibilities of the legally supported breaking of this obligation are the most extensive, as evidenced by the amendment to the Act on Auditors, effective from 1 October 2016. The duty of confidentiality of the tax adviser has until recently been strictly defined on a legal basis. The change was brought by the Supreme Court's case law in November 2015, which by comparing the principally equivalent conditions for the exercise of legal liability in the area of confidentiality of the tax adviser and attorney, also deduces the similarities of competencies of both professions in cases of breaking the confidentiality. The accounting profession is not regulated by law, and therefore the confidentiality obligation is also not legally enforceable. However, professional certified accountants are required to comply with the Code of Conduct issued by the Professional Chamber. The final part of the thesis focuses on comparing the duty of confidentiality of the selected professions of auditors, tax advisers and professional accountants with the attorney-at-law profession.
Professional Responsibility of Auditors and Tax Advisors
Dohnálek, Pavel ; Molín, Jan (advisor) ; Králíček, Vladimír (referee)
The primary objective of this diploma thesis, which focuses on the professional responsibility of auditors and tax advisors, is to provide a comprehensive view of this issue. The diploma thesis is divided into six parts. The first chapter describes general responsibility with an emphasis on professional responsibility. The second and third parts are devoted to the profession of auditors. The second chapter describes the profession of external and internal auditors in detail, and the third chapter deals with their professional responsibility, broken down into a moral and legal level of responsibility. The fourth and fifth chapters are devoted to the profession of tax consultancy, which is discussed in detail, followed by a part devoted to the professional responsibility of tax advisers. The last part of the thesis compares the professional responsibilities of the professions of auditors and tax advisors.
Valuation in accounting and its impact on taxation
Andrýsková, Adéla ; Molín, Jan (advisor) ; Králíček, Vladimír (referee)
The goal of the diploma thesis is to describe problems of accounting valuation and issues connected with prices, which are used for income tax purposes within current valid legislation. The thesis decribes basic valuation principles, characterization and valuation methods of some selected section according to the Czech legislation and IFRS. The thesis compares advantages and disadvantages of some valuation methods and valuation base and their influence on taxes. At the end of the thesis is the issue of transfer pricing or accounting valuation in insolvency.
The impact of accounting and taxes on entrepreneur who runs a café
Nguyen, Ngoc Anh ; Molín, Jan (advisor) ; Králíček, Vladimír (referee)
The goal of this bachelors thesis is to discuss the impact of legal, accounting and taxing duties on day to day operation of café as well as to compare the aspects of business for entrepreneur and legal entity. First part of this thesis is devoted to clarifying the topic of business in general and its requirements for entering it, with emphasis on importance of economic transaction registration. Followed by analysis of electronic registration of sales. Last chapter deals with single entry book-keeping and accounting from the view of entrepreneur who runs a cafe.
Professional sport from the tax and accounting point of view
Jedličková, Monika ; Molín, Jan (advisor) ; Králíček, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis deals with the accounting and tax legislation with focus on professional sport not only from the perspective of sport clubs but also of individual sportsmen. The aim of the thesis is to identify accounting and tax specificities of professional sport, including the definition of differences in keeping accounts of non-profit organisations and business entities, and to analyse the current state of the income taxation of professional sportsmen in selected countries of the EU and in the Czech Republic. Significant differences were found not only in the keeping accounts of non-profit organisations and business entities but also in the area of the income taxation of professional sportsmen. In the Czech Republic professional sportsmen are considered to be an independent profession while in the other selected countries of the European Union they are classic employees. The thesis is based on legislation valid on 1st January 2016.
Selected issues of recodification in the context of tax and accounting in hindsight
Görgesová, Karolína ; Molín, Jan (advisor) ; Králíček, Vladimír (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with law recodification as well as its impact on accounting and tax legal regulations. The aim is to present certain selected issues, assess their impacts and development, and analyse their possible solutions. The first part introduces the issue of gratuitous income. It consists of the analyses of the Business Corporations Act and the Civil Code, followed by a tax and accounting analysis of the solution. The second part focuses on the payment or possible return of profit sharing advancements and contains the analysis on the Business Corporations Act and the Civil Code and their link to the existing accounting and tax complexities. Related to the former is the publication of Chamber of Deputies print No 873/0, known as the Tax Package. The third part deals with the issues of authorized capital and contingency fund. Similarly to the former ones, this part also presents analyses of the Business Corporations Act and the Civil Code as well as tax and accounting solutions. The thesis also features illustrations and graphic examples.
Internal control system in organization
Mertlík, Ondřej ; Králíček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Molín, Jan (referee)
This master's thesis is focused on the system of internal controls which is, in some form or another, implemented in every organization. In the theoretical part, the internal controls are specified according to the worldwide accepted integrated COSO framework for internal controls. Furthermore, there is briefly characterized internal audit, its aims and relation to the system of internal controls. The practical part deals with internal controls implemented in a specific organization. There were analysed control mechanisms implemented into the basic enterprise's process, the Order to Cash process.
Financial reporting of long-term contracts under czech accounting regulations IFRS and US GAAP
Bošková, Tereza ; Roe, Jana (advisor) ; Molín, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with specifics for reporting of construction contracts in financial statements according to czech accounting regulations, IFRS and US GAAP. These are contracts that are custom-made, so they are not serial production and they are long-term, so most of their production goes into more accounting periods. In 2018, new Standards for Recognition of Revenue from contracts with customers IFRS 15 and ASC 606 will enter into force. The aim of the thesis is to characterize individual approaches to the reporting of revenues from construction contracts with a focus on the specifics in this sector and their comparison. To achieve this goal, a comparison method will be used. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part describes requirements and aspects related to building contracts, individual accounting standards including new revenue standards. In the practical part, an example is illustrated that shows a different approach to reporting revenue from these contracts in accordance with Czech accounting regulations and IFRS or US GAAP and comments on the changes that may occur through the application of new standards. At the end of the thesis, individual approaches are compared.
Fraud Issues Focusing on Fraudulent Financial Reporting
Vondrová, Jana ; Králíček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Molín, Jan (referee)
This presented thesis entitled Fraud Issues Focusing on Fraudulent Financial Reporting deals fraudulent accounting in the Czech Republic and the world. The first part aims to introduce the reader to the cornerstone of accounting, specifically basic accounting principles and regulation. An important starting point of this thesis is also an internal control system and an internal directives. These consist of a set of interconnected controls contributing to the protection of entity's property. After that follows a general description of fraudulent conduct with a partition of misappropriation asset handling, corruption and misstatement of financial statements. The last part consists of an analysis of fraudulent behaviour and selected accounting cases. Specifically, these are the frauds of insurance company M. P. a. s. (which continues to work despite these issues), the Tesco scandal with effects on shares and the case of Skanska
The Specifics of Keeping Tax Record of Entrepreneur and Implementation of Electronic Registration of Sales
Jányšová, Monika ; Šindelář, Michal (advisor) ; Molín, Jan (referee)
The Bachelor thesis focuses on the specifics of tax record self-employer by applicable legislation of the Czech Republic. It also deals with the introduction of electronic registration of sales. Even though tax record and registration of sales are two separate systems, the principle of this thesis is to highlight the specific relationship of these systems from the perspective of the self-employer who in the course of business activity accepts especially cash payments and was therefore covered by an responsibility to keep tax record and registration of sales. The aim of the thesis is to show how the entrepreneur can rely on data recorded in the registration of sales for the purpose of determining tax liability of value added tax and personal income tax base and how the registration of sales will be reflected in the keeping of tax record.

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