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Water footprint of consumption of the Czech households
Možíšová, Jana ; Ščasný, Milan (advisor) ; Turdaliev, Salim (referee)
Since the human society rises the requirements on environment it is important to find ways to mitigate the pressure. One of the possible important aspects could be consumption behaviour of individuals. In thesis we examine the water footprint connected to consumption of Czech households. Using the hybrid input-output analysis we compute the water intensities for domestic production and imported products of 90 product groups and connect them with household expenditures described for 2899 Czech households. In our analysis we use data for 2018 and describe the results separately for blue and green water footprint. The mean annual consumption of blue and green water is 214.3 m3 and 2544 m3 respectively per household member. The highest responsible category for total water footprint is category of food with the 74 %. This category has also the largest computed water intensity among the twelve consumption groups. Analysis also showed the water footprint is distributed unevenly through the households divided to deciles by expenditures. The lowest decile uses about 4 % of total water footprint in comparison to tenth decile consuming almost 18 %. By the linear regression of expenditures and water footprints we got the statistically significant elasticities varies between 0.48 to 2.71. Keywords Water...

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