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Státní politika ČR v oblasti podpory sociálního bydlení a její srovnání se zeměmi V4
Mertová, Petra
This diploma thesis deals with the social housing policy in the Visegrad countries focused on the age group up to 34 years, socalled the starter housing. The theoretical part is dedicated to the subsidy of housing and specific housing policy instruments in individual countries. In the practical part these instruments are examined in terms of their usability. The main part of the practical part forms the regression analysis. This analysis investigates the dependence of the number of social housing on economic indicators (GDP, rate of unemployment, inflation, the amount of contributions to the social insurance system). The aim of the thesis is the suggestion of recommendations for the Czech Republic to improve the quality of services in the housing sector and the more effective use of the instruments of the state to support social housing of this age group.
The effect of kinesiotape application on rheological properties of the knee joint with chondromalacia patellae
Mertová, Petra ; Lopot, František (advisor) ; Kubový, Petr (referee)
Author: Bc. Petra Mertová Title: The effect of kinesiotape application on rheological properties of the knee joint with chondromalacia patellae Problem definition: Chondromalacia patellae is a very frequent diagnosis related to knee injuries. Diagnosing chondromalacia is very difficult. Knee arthroscopy is the best method for evaluating the cartilage condition, however this technique is invasive. Kinesiotaping is a therapeutic method extensively used to affect knee pain. Patellar taping is an effective method in improving symptoms resulting from patellofemoral joint problems, nevertheless the evaluation of its effect has not yet been objectively investigated. Aim of the thesis: The aim of this study is firstly to discover the possibility to noninvasively detect chondromalacia patellae using the method of biorheometry and secondly to discover the impact of kinesiotaping on rheological properties of the knee joint with chondromalacia patellae. Method: The designed experiment was performed as a pilot case study using the method of biorheometry. The history of the patient was monitored using a questionnaire and by a clinical examination of the knee joint. Two questionnaires were created to evaluate the functional state of the knee joint. Measurements were done on a special device called biorheometer....
Drug-resistance in parasitic helminths
Mertová, Petra ; Szotáková, Barbora (advisor) ; Boušová, Iva (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Biochemical Science Candidate: Petra Mertová Supervisor: Doc. Ing. Barbora Szotáková, Ph.D. Title of diploma thesis: Drug-resistance in parasitic helminths The development of drug resistance in parasitic helminths poses a large threat to productivity in livestock and the control of human helminths in future. Currently there are three broad spectrum classes of anthelmintics: the benzimidazoles, the imidazothiazoles (levamisole) and the tetrahydropyrimidines (pyrantel, morantel), the macrocyclic lactones (avermectins and milbemycins). Benzimidazoles act by specific binding to parasites β-tubulin, resistance in this class of anthelmintics appears to be associated with mutations in β-tubulin genes. Resistance to levamisol or pyrantel, drugs which act as an agonist at nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, is probably caused by amount reduction or by loss of affinity in these receptors. Macrocyclic lactones mode of action is not fully understood, but there appears to be relation with modulating glutamate-gated chloride channels present on muscle membranes of the parasites. Recent studies revelead that P-glycoprotein and others ATP transporters are involved in anthelmintic resistance. Modes of action and factors influencing the...
Methodology of Non-Destructive Research into Historical Fabrics of Ethnographic Nature from the Period between 1850 and 1950, Their Documentation and Identification MEP (Methodology of Ethnographic Research).
Mertová, Petra ; Samohýlová, Alena ; Holcner, Ludvík
The major goal of the methodology is to deliver an instrument for documentation and identification of fabrics in ethnographic collections of museum institutions. The methodology uses a set of describable and measureable properties of fabrics acquired through research into and documentation of museum collections. With regard to the group of presupposed users and the nature of researched objects – historical textile with cultural value, the methodology is suggested as a non-destructive one. The research methodology includes several steps aimed, as follows: first of all at a professional documentation of fabrics using non-destructive methods focused on the discovery of describing and measurable properties of an object and the technological analysis of historical fabrics of ethnographic nature; secondly, at the identification of ethnographic fabrics at collection institutions through the comparison with a set of the already summarized data about historical fabrics, including their photographs with examples of fabrics selected at museum repositories. The acquired material is stored at the web application
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Aplikace e-Governmentu v menších regionech České republiky
Mertová, Petra
This bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of the current functioning of e-Government and prepared conception of "Strategic framework for the develop-ment of eGovernment 2014+". The aim of bachelor thesis is identify major gaps and create a proposal to im-prove the quality of services e-Government in the region Boskovicko and Tišnovsko based on the survey evaluating experience and satisfaction of citizens with public administration in these regions.

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2 Mertová, Pavla
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