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Creating a simulation model of multi-reservoir system in the HEC-ResSim
Keilová, Nikola ; Marton, Daniel (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis is focused on the description of the programming of the device HEC-ResSim and the subsequent creation of the simulation model water system the Vír I and Brno. To create a simulation model using real data on the reservoirs. A simulation model is compiled for the management of the storage function and the calculation is carried out with a daily step. To simulate the flow of water to the system reservoir is used the real flow series. Part of the work is a translation of a clear manual to the program HEC-ResSim
Retention Reservoir Design in the Police Cadastr
Hadaš, Zdeněk ; Menšík, Pavel (referee) ; Starý, Miloš (advisor)
This thesis deals with the river basin flood protection Loučka. The goal of the thesis is to assess the need of flood control measures supplement in the watershed. The first part deals with exploration of river basin, acquiring geographic factors and obtaining information about the topic, establishment and application of rainfall model used for solving the problem. The second part deals with improving of flood protection at critical selected places by using design of reservoir system with retention effect and by increasing river basin capacity. For basin schematisation was used ArcGIS program and the simulation of rainfall-runoff process was made by Hydrog program.
Control of storage and hydropower function of reservoir by using simulation model
Rajsiglová, Veronika ; Marton, Daniel (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
The work focuses on the creation of separate reservoir simulation model. The simulation model is created in Microsoft Excel, spreadsheet application with accessible functions whereby progression of arithmetic and logical algorithm simulating operation of reservoir storage and hydropower function is created.
The study reconstruction of the Těšík pond in the cadastral Horní Bory
Drašar, Zdeněk ; Princ, Michal (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the proposal of reconstuction of the pond Těšík at the level of study. The introductory part of the thesis defines the terminology and the partition of small water reservoirs. The next practical part is focused to the locality of interest and its current state leading to the necessary reconstruction. This part is followed by the design of a technical solution for reconstruction based on hydrotechnical calculations and the graphics part.
Creating predictions average monthly flow for the control of the storage capacity of a fictive reservoir dam
Hrabinová, Barbora ; Sobek, Martin (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on predictions of mean monthly flows for a purpose of control of storage functions when thinking differently positions of fictive reservoirs in the catchment area. One of the reservoir is situated in the upper part of the catchment area and the second is situated in the middle part of catchment area. Predictions are made by Support vector machine method in RStudio and with the use of R language. Predicted values of flows was evaluated by the correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination, Root mean square error and than was made the simulation of operation of storage function, which was evaluated by Total sum of squares modificated for problems of water management. In the end was made a comparison of both of the reservoirs for assessment of the suitability of the method.
Analysis of selected effects on water management solution storage function of reservoir system
Čechová, Martina ; Daniel,, Marton (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of the effect of water loss by evaporation in the water management solution storage function of reservoir system. To determine the size of the effect of water loss by evaporation is used simulation model. The simulation model is created with SOMVS. Determining the size of water losses from reservoirs is made simplified method. Loss of water by evaporation is solved for selected level hydrologic reliability of evaporation. To find the optimal size of the storage volume of the proposed reservoir are used all optimization methods included in the SOMVS, that is the grid method, Monte Carlo method, the modified gradient method and differential evolution.
Estimation of Flow Uncertainty of Measurement in Hydrometric Profile
Jansa, Jakub ; Menšík, Pavel (referee) ; Marton, Daniel (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis is focused on the estimation of measurement of uncertainty in the selected hydrometric profile. Aim of this work will be theories about the problem, calculation of uncertainty of flows in water channels, statistical evaluation of the calculated values and the interpretation of the results in understandable form.
Proposal of Water Management Measures in the Cadastral Area
Prokop, Pavel ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part describes issues of the proposal of water management measures in land consolidation process. Second part deals with the conceptual proposal of water management measures in the specific cadastral area. This part also include graphic attachments.
Control water outflow of selected reservoir for using dispatcher graph
Rumanová, Jana ; Marton, Daniel (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis is focused on the control of water runoff on the selected reservoir by dispatcher graph. Dispatcher graph is made in Microsoft Excel program. To create a dispatcher graph were used historical data of flow range. Functionality of dispatcher graph is verified at flow range. Achieved results are compared with the management of the planned runoff.
Assessment of design small water reservoir in the village Mutenice in economic terms
Suchánek, Petr ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis evaluates a design of a small water reservoir in Mutenice village from an economic point of view. This final work is a follow-up of the bachelor work of the same student, it completes it and improves on previously noticed inaccuracies. There are several aspects elaborated in the theoretical part, such as sellection of material for homogenous dam, safety spilway, accompanying woods in the flooding area of and especialy the evaluation of the commercial advantage of the water reservoir design. There are corrections of the bachelor work in the practical part of this study, based on the comments and lately found facts as well as the economical estimate based on the cost calculation of the construction. Content of the work are also technical drawings illustrating this take on the reservoir design and a detailed bill of material.

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