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Production of castings from aluminum alloy Unifont 90
Chvátal, Pavel ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Kaňa, Václav (advisor)
The diploma project deals with the aluminum foundry alloy Unifont-90. The aim of the project was to observe the effect of different pouring temperature and wall thickness of the casting on the mechanical properties and microstructure of the material. The theoretical part of the project describes selected properties of aluminum foundry alloys and foundry processes used in their casting. In the experimental part, measurements of mechanical properties and microstructure of the material of the investigated Unifont-90 alloy took place.
Optimization of aluminium casting process using numerical simulation
Kolařík, Martin ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Krutiš, Vladimír (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with the analysis of casting technology of the selected aluminium casting. It is a casting of a part of CNC milling machine and it is cast by gravity casting into a permanent mold. The defects which are the cause of a high percentage of nonconforming production were analyzed. Furthermore, the master’s thesis includes a complete analysis of filling and solidification of this casting in the ProCast simulation program. Numerical simulation results are verified and improved. Then the causes of problematic casting defects are proven on several calculated variants. Measures are proposed to minimize the tendency to produce castings with defects leading to nonconforming production.
Proposal of casting technology for cooper alloy castnig with regard to their quality and productivity of fininishing oprations
Herzán, Jiří ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Roučka, Jaromír (advisor)
This paper is created based on the real situation in Armatmetal s.r.o. Based on customer requirements and possible reduction of finishing operations at the end of production in the foundry. The foundry technology of gravity casting into sand molds is changed to gravity casting into metal mold. To change technology at Armatmetal s.r.o. two types of castings were selected. The "Kloub 55 s vidlicí" casting was selected by the customer to test the new technology. Casting "Klínová koncovka KN10" was chosen by Armatmetal s.r.o. because of the structural design of the casting and the high repeatability of production. Castings are the subject of the paper. The diploma thesis includes methods of solving the elimination of foundry defects occurring on a complicated casting " Kloub 55 s vidlicí". The main aim of the thesis is to assess the technical-economic contribution of the change of foundry technology of the casting " Klínová koncovka KN10". The paper also includes a complex comparison of the current and new technology production with related problems and their solutions.
Optimization of metallurgical processes in aluminum alloys foundry
Halaška, Jan ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Kaňa, Václav (advisor)
Diploma thesis examines the influence of the preparation and metallurgical treatment on the mechanical properties and structure of aluminium alloys Al-Si. The experimental part was carried out at MSR Engines s.r.o. This part describes the current (sodium modification) and newly proposed (strontium modification) state of preparation and metallurgical processing of melt. There is state the course of experimental melting processes, testing of samples, evaluation of tests and observation of the impact of individual modifiers on the structure.
Manufacture of castings from electrical copper
Janský, Vojtěch ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Záděra, Antonín (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to verify influence of conditions of metallurgical treatment, used foundry technology and conditions of solidification on electrical conductivity of pure copper castings. The experiment part observe differenec between alloy melting under normal pressure and in a vacuum and betwwen casting provided with chill, insulation and natural enviroment of mould.
Cast Iron producing in foundry Slévárna a modelárna Nové Ransko and their charakteristics
Matulová, Anna ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Věchet, Stanislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with cast iron producing in foundry Slévárna a modelárna Nové Ransko and their characteristics in the form of literary research. In the first part graphite cast iron and its distribution is characterized. Furthermore, grey cast iron and ductile cast iron are described in detail in terms of mechanical properties, structure, chemical composition, production, heat treatment and use, and austempered ductile iron is specified. Then specific graphite cast iron, which foundry Slévárna a modelárna Nové Ransko used for production of castings, is listed and described. In conclusion, these materials are evaluated and their advantages and disadvantages are assessed.
Analysis of non-metalic inclusions in motor heads castings and suggestion on their remove
Dratnal, Lukáš ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Roučka, Jaromír (advisor)
Improving the quality of metal castings for serial production of automotive industry, leading to improvements in the properties of casts and their lower costs. This publication analyzes the non-metallic inclusions contained in casts of heads of internal combustion engines, molded of Nemak Czech Republic, Ltd. Tackling includes analysis of size, shape, chemical composition and hardness of the specific non-metallic inclusions. The thesis describes the purity metal holding furnaces and proposals to eliminate inclusions from metal.
Influence of modification and inoculation on structure and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys
Janošťák, Jan ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Roučka, Jaromír (advisor)
This thesis examines the influence of inoculation and modification on the internal structure and properties of aluminium-silicon alloys. The effect of inoculation by titanium and boron and modification by sodium and strontium is investigated in experimental part of the thesis. All these metallurgical interventions in the melt are tested on three types of hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys (AlSi10Mg(a), AlSi8Cu3, AlSi7Mg0,3). The experiment was carried out in cooperation with the foundry of non-ferrous metals, Aluminium Group, a.s. in Sloup.
Costs reduction in production of Al-alloy castings
Nováková, Lucie ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Roučka, Jaromír (advisor)
This thesis deals with solving the most serious internal defects in castings made of aluminum alloys which are cast in sand molds in Slévárna a modelárna Nové Ransko Ltd. The problem solving contains a description of the problematic castings with the investigation of the structure and phases and subsequent detailed analysis of their production. The Author of this thesis also examines the influence of Fe and Mn on a possible formation of the internal porosity with the help of test meltings with the evaluation of the internal structural change. The Author’s design solution is a close checking of chemical composition with regard to the ratio Mn / Fe present in the alloy, the purchase of Foundry Degassing Unit to reduce gassiness of melted metals and better control of gassiness with the help of the appropriate equipment for the density Dichte index.
The study of increase in efficiency of manufacturing preparation of technology
Šudoma, Michal ; Lána, Ivo (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
This paper discusses different alternatives of more efficient preparation of spheroided graphite cast iron production. Secondary metallurgy and chemical heating technology are used to recast cast iron fused in copula furnace. The work applies the known physical-chemical rules used in the production of quality spheroided graphite cast iron in regular production conditions. Based on the previous developments, the aim was to prepare implementation of verified secondary metallurgy processes in adjusted casting ladle. The casting ladle was adjusted in order to allow execution of all processes required in order for the relevant standards and material lists requirements to be met in respect to spheroided graphite cast iron quality. Comments regarding the trends in ferroalloy metallurgy and related marketing approach of the company. The work is concluded by a summary of advantages brought in by the new approaches compared to the traditional ones from the economical as well as environmental perspective.

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