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Prediction of the future condition of the company by indicators of financial health
The aim of the thesis is to assess the predictive ability of financial health indicators to predict future business development. Analyze the weaknesses and strengths of individual components of aggregate indicators. The thesis examines the possibilities of prediction in the engineering sector. It evaluates existing creditworthy and bankruptcy models, examines their reliability, specificity and sensitivity. Furthermore, it analyzes individual components of prediction indices. The thesis also creates own multi-criteria prediction models.
Economic Impacts of Migration on Host Countries
The bachelor thesis deals with economic impacts of migration on host countries. The topic is examined from both macroeconomic and microeconomic points of view. At the beginning of the paper migration is described as a constantly growing problem that has serious socio-economic and political aspects. It also characterizes migrants, their individual types as well as the reasons and motivation for leaving their home countries. This problem is closely related to the causes of migration. Subsequently, the thesis is concerned with the analysis of the public expenditure that must be provided by the host countries. It includes not only security expenses but also social expenses. Furthermore it is focused on the human capital theory - on the question whether the migrants bring positive values to the host countries. These are factors of opportunities on the job market and unemployment rates. Other important factors are also the education and professional qualifications of the migrants. Finally, the thesis describes the influence of possible grey economy linked to migration. The main focus of this part lies on the way migration could serve as a profit for illegal economic subjects.
Election of toys in the kindergardens considering gender and childern's age
The aim of the research investigation in the context of my bachelor´s thesis is to find out what is the children´s favourite toy and who is their the most frequent partner during the game and whether the three-years-old children are able to distinquish between the boy´s and the girl´s toys. In the theoretical part I have described what is the gender, there are also some of the theories of the social sciences sketched and to further the progress of the gender socialization and the theories of the genesis of gender and identity are described as well. At the same time the theoretical part is focused on the child´s game and its distinction according to the point of view of the age and gender. The pratical part presents the results of the interview, during which the children differentiated the toys to the girl´s and the boy´s toys. In the interview I also examined who is the most frequent children´s partner in a game and what is the child´s most favourite toy.
Accounting and tax aspects of employee benefits
Kudláčková, Kristýna ; Janhubová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Molín, Jan (referee)
The thesis is dedicated to the exploration and analysis of the implementation of employee benefits such as the types of benefits provided by employers to employees according to Czech accounting and tax regulations. In the theoretical part deals with the topic of employee motivation at the work and describes the best known motivational theories. It tries to highlight the interconnections of social policy, evaluation and remuneration system with the level of employee satisfaction and its impact on the quality of work performance. Employee benefits are a modern tool of personnel policy to reward, motivate and satisfy employees. From the other side, they could be considered as a legal tool to reduce the tax liability of the employer. The main focus in this work is devoted on accounting and tax system, which is displayed on a selected group of benefits with illustrative examples. The practical part is focused on the exploration of application of employee benefits in the specific company and on the basis of their analysis assesses their impact on job satisfaction. Based on the information is quality of employee benefit system in the company assessed and at the end of the thesis brings some possible recommendations for improving.

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