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Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Kubačka, Jan ; Kopáčik,, Gabriel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with urban study of revitalization of complex of former film studios on an area of approximately three kilometers south of the center of Zlín, in the town district which is called Kudlov. The complex has been constructing since the thirties of the last century, however nowadays it is no longer determined to its original function. In this thesis, the optimalization of current state, the completion of several building and the area expansion of the park on the West are designed. Great emphasis was given on the largest possible multi-functionality, in addition to the main function of living in apartment houses, the area is complemented by commerce, leasable manufacturing facility, an outdoor sport complex and the already mentioned park. The urban concept reflects the traditional urbanism of the city of Zlín, it means a periodical grid of structure and a unity of shapes and materials.
Leisure Time Centre Brno
Kubačka, Jan ; Teplý, Vladimír (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The objective of this project was to design a complex for leisure time activities. This locality, which is slightly declining to the south, is situated in the city of Brno, in the city district of Nový Lískovec, in the current park between Chironova and Plachty streets. After considering the concept, the object – ordinary square – was easily situated in the center of all pedestrian communications. There was created a small square around this point,which is surrounded by four non-rectangular buildings with unique construction system. Whole set of structures seems to be compact from outter park view, so a visitor will identify the complex division only inside. There are four entrances to the central square in the directions of the initial communications. The complex is structured into four functional units. Through sport, gastronomy, cultural hall for up to commercial spaces. Some of the four objects were designed as two-story. Around the whole square there is a gallery, which provides the acces to the services on the second floor. The gallery is connected to the ground by three vertical communications.