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The cantata and oratorio works of Jan Hanuš: musical-historical context and pedagogical use
Novotný, Vít ; Pecháček, Stanislav (advisor) ; Aschenbrenner, Vít (referee) ; Valášek, Marek (referee)
The thesis consciously builds on previous literature devoted to the life and work of Jan Hanuš, a significant 20th-century Czech composer. It focuses on his cantata and oratorio works, which form a distinctive part of the author's legacy. The thesis aims not only to study the defined area of interest from due theoretical perspectives, but also to intervene in relevant related practical fields: the field of artistic interpretation and the field of music pedagogy. The first, theoretically focused goal is to map the entire defined area of Hanuš's output in the context of musical and social development during the 20th century, in the context of related music by other Czech composers, and in the context of Hanuš's personal compositional development. The second goal is to bring one of the selected works, Poselství: svědectví o smrti Jana Palacha (The Legacy: A Testimony on the Death of Jan Palach) from 1969, to a world premiere in the symbolic and social context that the work deserves. The third goal is to create didactic material that uses the specifics of the studied area of Hanuš's work to bring the musical language of contemporary artificial music closer to today's students of general music education. All these three sub-goals combine into a more general objective that reaches beyond the scope of...
Primary School Computer Network Design
Rozlílek, Radim ; Novotný, Vít (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the development of a complete computer network design for a primary school. The building in which the project is implemented has two floors, which house classrooms, offices and classrooms. The starting point for the thesis are the documents in the form of a floor plan of the building and the specification of the investor's requirements. The main parts of the work are the analysis of the current situation, the detailed design of the new network infrastructure, the development of the project documentation, the risk analysis, the Gantt chart of the project and the economic evaluation with the presentation of the benefits of the project.
Design of communication network infrastructure
Vinter, Ivan ; Sedlák, Petr (referee) ; Novotný, Vít (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the complex design of communication infrastructure using 3 technologies for the new headquarters of JIMI CZ a.s.. These technologies are computer network, IP camera system and Wifi coverage. The thesis discusses the concepts associated with the technologies mentioned above. The final part of the thesis is focused on the selection of components and the design of the communication infrastructure itself, along with its economic evaluation.
Orffův Schulwerk a jeho aplikace v hudební výchově na Kypru.
Asfoura, Aikaterini ; Pecháček, Stanislav (advisor) ; Novotný, Vít (referee)
This diploma dissertation examines the life of the composer Carl Orff, focusing more on his pedagogical work that resulted in the creation of the now well-known and widely used Orff-Schulwerk method and how it could be applied in a Greek-Cypriot setting. Aims of the work: - A brief introduction to the life and musical work of Carl Orff - History of the Orff-Schulwerk and Orff-Schulwerk Music for Children - Characteristics and Pedagogical Ideas of Orff-Schulwerk and elemental pedagogy - The English Adaptation of Orff-Schulwerk Music for Children by Margaret Murray - Application of Orff-Schulwerk in Greece and Cyprus and suggestions for application and improvement - Lesson plan for a Greek-Cypriot class setting
Design of communication network infrastructure in health care building
Raida, Filip ; Sedlák, Petr (referee) ; Novotný, Vít (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of a communication network infrastructure in the new, multi-floor wing of the hospital. The main resources for the work are the floor plans and the requirements of the investor. The thesis describes the basic issues of networks and specifies all elements of communication systems. Result of the thesis is the selection of individual components, project documentation and financial evaluation.
Desing of a Company Network Infrastructure
Přikryl, Adam ; Novotný, Vít (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of a computer network for a manufacturing company. The first part is devoted to the analysis of the current state of the company, its facility, needs, current network and the investor's requirements for a new network. The second part summarizes the theoretical background needed to understand the issues of computer network design. The actual design itself is covered in the third part. It is based on an analysis of the current state and includes the selection of passive layer elements, design of cable routes, recommendations for active elements and economic evaluation.
Design of the Aero Center Network Infrastructure
Kadlec, Vojtěch ; Novotný, Vít (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of the network infrastructure of the company Aero Invest s.r.o. The design consist of creating complete documentation for the subsequent implementation of a computer network according to the requirements of the investor. The design contains both active and passive elements and the method of security technologies.

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