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Role of wings in reproduction of cockroach Eublaberus distanti (Blattodea: Blaberidae)
Kotyk, Michael ; Kotyková Varadínová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Štys, Pavel (referee)
Regardless the wings and active flight are recognized as one of the most iconic innovations in insects, a great number of their representatives exhibit wing reduction. In many cases only females lose the wings while males not. It is usually believed that lower investments into wings and wing muscles save energy for reproductive gain in females. Cockroaches are the insect order with one of the highest occurrence of forms with reduced wings andspecies exhibiting sexual wing dimorphism, and thus are a good model group for testing the hypotheses concerning the wing reduction. For our experiments we chose macropterous cockroach Eublaberus distanti and manipulated with the length of its wings.Contrary to common assumption, we did not find any significant difference in fecundity between apterous and macropterous females. So we conclude that wing presence or absence has no effect on reproduction success of cockroach females. Surprisingly, we have found out that male wings play a substantial role in the courtship ritual of E. distanti. Our results reveal that partial or complete loss of wings severely decreases reproductive success of E. distanti males compared to macropterous conspecifics. We thus conclude that the reason why cockroach males keep their wings while females not is because of their fundamental role in...
Wing reduction in cockroaches (Blattaria)
Kotyk, Michael ; Kotyková Varadínová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Nedvěd, Oldřich (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with the wing reduction in cockroaches and the causes of its appearance. Order Blattaria is the insect order with the third highest occurrence of apterous and brachypterous species. Yet still only a minimum of publications were performed to cover this topic. Therefore, I analyse in several chapters both the types of wing reduction as well as generally accepted theories explaining the reasons of its evolution in insects. Then I discuss their relevance in the case of order Blattaria. Namely, ecological theories, regarding interactions of insect and its habitat, and physiological theories, describing life history trade- offs and constrains related to wings. I present examples of species to every theory which are probably concerned. There are also examples of species which maintain the macropterous state, although no longer capable of flight and theories that explain the retention of macroptery. As a part of the thesis I have also included a phylogenetic tree of cockroaches with marked wing condition for each sex, which outlines evolutionary trends of individual groups within the order. Keywords: Blattaria, reduction, macroptery, brachyptery, aptery, habitat, life history trade-offs
Methodology for monitoring and evaluation of light parameters and biological indicators of internal environment depositories and expositions
Juliš, Karel ; Valach, Jaroslav ; Frankl, Jiří ; Štefcová, Petra ; Pech, Michal ; Kotyk, Michael
The methodology provides guidance procedures for monitoring and evaluation of automatically collected lighting parameters and biological indicators of internal environment depositories and expositions. There is specified a methodology, together with description of particular hardware components and software central point, which collects and evaluates the information acquired. The system, as a whole, is designed as a modular and open platform, which allows a wide variety of user modifications and customisation to almost any specific museum collection, repository or exhibition.
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