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Beliefs of actors in relation to preschool education at local level
Kaplanová, Petra ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Mouralová, Magdalena (referee)
Diploma thesis: Beliefs of actors in relation to preschool education at local level Author: Bc. Petra Kaplanová Abstract The aim of this thesis is to explore and compare beliefs of actors in relation with preschool education at local level and determine how they influence policy of preschool education. Used methodology is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. The most significant used theory is a system of beliefs from Paul A. Sabatiera which is a part of theory of avocational coalitions. Four different beliefs were revealed. The first belief called "pro alternatives" did not show deep core beliefs of actors. However, it was obvious that these actors sympathize with alternative education principles. Second belief "traditional collective" is based on conviction that children should have the same conditions for the beginning of their lives. The state education is the best what is for children offered. In the third belief "not interested" are actors convicted not to participate in any level of politics. They believe it can cause either trouble or it will not have any effects. The last belief "traditional individualistic" is characterized with a belief that state form of education is the best what can be provided to children. On contrary with belief "traditional collective" these actors are...
Development cooperation of parents and schools from elementary to secondary school
Presented work deals with relation changes between school and family environment during transition of pupil from basic to secondary school. Theoretical part explains following terms : school function, family function, evolution and transformation in family, role of parents in relation to school, cooperation between family and school, forms of cooperation and socialisation. Practical part depicts independent survey aimed on cooperation between family and school. There are used questionaires for pupils from 8th and 9th class, and similar ones are also used for the 1st and the 2nd class of the secondary school. Finally, there are also used interviews with school directors. The goal of such survey is to clarify that parents, teachers and their pupils perceive mutual cooperation and communication and what consequences in relation school ? family could be observed.

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