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Analysis of the determinants of marriage rate
Platilová, Zuzana ; Brožová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Čermáková, Klára (referee)
The thesis analyzes the factors influencing the marriage rate in the Czech Republic, in particular it examines the impact of the business cycle on the marriage rates. As a substitute variables for the business cycles was chosen GDP and the unemployment rate as the economic growth is usually associated with falling unemployment and GDP growth. Based on assembled data panel for all 14 regions of the Czech Republic in 2002 - 2015 with a total of 196 observations, econometric model estimates were made. The results confirm the expected positive impact of the economic growth on the marriage rate.
Impact of the Minimum Wage on Unemployment in the Czech Republic
Jordán, Lukáš ; Chytil, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Brožová, Dagmar (referee)
The aim of my bachelor´s thesis is to analyse the impact of increasing minimum wage on unemployment of the population and selected demographic groups in the Czech Republic. The constant increase of minimum wage in recent years has given novelty to the job, it is necessary to analyse its impact on the economy. Theoretical part contains three units. The first one describes conclusions of previous studies from the Czech Republic and abroad. The second unit describes models of labor market, especially monopsonistic competition and heterogeneous job. The third part deals with arguments of protagonists and opponents of minimum wage. Within empirical part, I create 4 models where I apply Ordinary Least Squares. Significant and positive impact of increasing minimum wage on unemployment is confirmed among people aged 20-24. The impact of increasing minimum wage on employment of people aged 15-19, elementary educated people or the whole population is not significant.
Comparison of proposals of implementation of unconditional basic income
Dohnal, Ondřej ; Špeciánová, Jitka (advisor) ; Brožová, Dagmar (referee)
This bachelor thesis summarizes already existing proposals of implementation and practically established concepts of unconditional basic income, which is a form of welfare state. Guaranteed income should provide financial security to all residents and ensure the existential needs for them. The author of the thesis tries to interpret the concept of unconditional basic income, give comprehensive overview of existing proposals and compare their differences. Hypothesis states, that there is no unified method of implementation of unconditional basic income, that could be used in any country. The used method is theoretical, particularly the method af analysis, synthesis and comparison. Conclusion is the fact, that despite topicality and frequency of literature sources, we still cannot unanimously capture definition and technique of implementation and funding of unconditional basic income. On the contrary, it is necessary to consider individuality of each state, its culture and customs.
The Unequal Position of Men and Women in the Czech labour market
Brusová, Barbora ; Chytil, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Brožová, Dagmar (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with the gender wage gap in the Czech Republic and the discrimination of women in the labour market. The main aim of the thesis is to either confirm or disprove a hypothesis that women receive lower financial reward than men. Furthermore, a hypothesis, that differences in incomes between the genders are partly caused by a discriminatory behaviour of employers, is put to test. In the theoretical part, the concepts of the gender wage gap and the Oaxaca-Blinder wage decomposition are outlined. In the practical part, the data obtained in personal interview survey are analysed. The existence of gender wage gap is discovered by means of an econometric model. For this reason, the hypothesis of women being faced with unequal financial rewarding is confirmed. The distribution of the gender wage gap on the basis of the Oaxaca-Blinder wage decomposition proves the presence of discrimination effect. Owing to this, the hypothesis of female gender wage discrimination is also valid. Same results are confirmed by using the method of paired comparison.
Do More Sporty Active People Have Higher Earnings?
Kubíčková, Klára ; Brožová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis consider the impact of time, which an individual spends sport activity on his earnings. First it explains theory of human capital and emphasises health as its component. Then it describes Mincer earnings function, Subsequently describes foreign research on the topic of impact of sports on earnings of the individual. On the basis of internet survey practical part per ordinary least squares method confirms set hypothesis, which says that more sporty active individuals have higher earnings. This research finds that people which spends an additional hour by strenuous physical activity reach ceteris paribus by 2,13 % higher earnings.
Footballer on labour market
Konečný, Miroslav ; Brožová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
Bachelor thesis si about footballer on labour market and main aim is to determine his wage determinants, mainly his performance as its main determinant. In teoretical part I describe structure of market on which footbalist supplies his labour. After that I describe superstar effect, moral hazard, education influence and efficiency wage on the market with football players. In practical part I analyse determinants of footballer wage with regresion analysis on datas from english Premier League from season 2015/2016. My conclusion is that primary determinant of footbalists wage is superstar effect. Major influence has also origin country and footballer´s performance.
Analysis of the Impact of Immigration on Unemployment Rate in the Czech Republic
Kubíčková, Petra ; Brožová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Kadeřábková, Božena (referee)
This paper analyzes the impact of immigration on the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic between 2004-2014 by using the economically active population aged 15-64 and 15-19. The analysis of annual time series showed no significant effect for either age group as well the existence of the reverse causality between the rate of migration and the unemployment rate was not proved. The analysis of quarterly time series showed a significant negative impact of immigration on the unemployment rate of economically active people aged 15-64. Also the reverse causality was confirmed - lagged values of the unemployment rate negatively influenced the rate of migration. A significant positive impact of the immigration on the unemployment rate was not confirmed for the age group 15-19. The reverse causality of the unemployment rate in relation to the rate of migration was found - rising unemployment rate led to decrease of immigration flows.
Search of the most suitable method of estimation of output gap for the czech economy
Kloudová, Dana ; Brožová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Mirvald, Michal (referee) ; Lukáš, Ladislav (referee)
By monetary policy decisions, central banks use output gap to keep macroeconomic variables at their natural levels. A substantial disadvantage of this variable is the fact that it is an unobservable variable which is very problematic to measure, although it is possible to estimate it with various methods of estimation. This thesis aims to find the most suitable method of estimation for Czech economy. Thirteen methods have been chosen for this aim: linear trend, quadratic trend, HP filter, band-pass filters, robust trend, univariate unobserved component model, two types of production function, two SVAR models, multivariate HP filter and multivariate unobserved component model. Own estimations have shown that estimated trajectories of unobservable states were not identical. For own selection of the most suitable method of estimation, quantitative (ability to forecast inflation ,a growth of product and data revisions by selected national and international organisations) and qualitative criterions (qualities of methods of estimation, transparency and easy application) have been selected, where emphasis was put on quantitative criterions. Results of this thesis will show that the most suitable method of estimation output gap for Czech economy is multivariate unobserved component model.
Does minimum wage increasing unemployment? Determinants of unemploymet in the Czech Republic
Frejlich, Petr ; Stroukal, Dominik (advisor) ; Brožová, Dagmar (referee)
The thesis analyzes an effect of raising the minimum wage and other variables on unemployment rate in the Czech Republic in 2006-2015. The empirical part is based on available time series, which were used to estimate models of unemployment for both women and men, including differently specified models and a model of overall unemployment. The time series used in regression models were adjusted for seasonality. Main hypothesis of this thesis was, that there is a positive correlation between raising the minimum wage and unemployment rate. Exogenous variables used in the models were chosen based on economic theory and existing literature. Results show, that there was no statistically significant relationship between the minimum wage and unemployment rate in the studied period. It was confirmed that there is a negative effect of GDP growth rate and inflation rate on unemployment rate, while unemployment benefits seem to have a positive effect
Do women with children have lower wage rate than childless women?
Lukášová, Nikola ; Brožová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Čermáková, Klára (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to demonstrate if women with children in the Czech Republic have a lower wage rate than childless women. The data from WageIndicator Foundation was processed by using the the least squares method. The conclusion is that motherhood has a negative impact on salaries. I also found that the depreciation of human capital influences only women with two or more children. It can be caused by the lenght of maternity leave. The main finding is that the wage penalty for motherhood actually exists. And the society and politicians should give the motherhood penalty more attention in the future.

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