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Constitutional transformation and dissolution of the Czechoslovak Federation after November 1989
Janeček, Viktor ; Gronský, Ján (advisor) ; Hřebejk, Jiří (referee)
Diploma thesis "Constitutional transformation and dissolution of Czechoslovak Federation after November 1989" is focused on legislative reflection of political changes in a federation in which one of the two nations' state-law ambitions have never been sufficiently fulfilled. This situation resulted into the dissolution of the federation that happened as an outcome of political negotiations of either republic's political representations that have endeavored to proceed with as legal means as possible, however mostly created ad hoc. The aim of this thesis is to describe these legal means of legal dissolution of a state since their political formulation, through their origination until their final acceptance. First part of this diploma thesis describes the origination of Czechoslovak Federation in 1968, interruption of the federalization processes in the times of so-called normalizations and continuance of this process after the changes in 1989 including drafts of a communist constitution and an opposition constitution towards the end of this year. Second part of this diploma thesis describes transformation of the Czechoslovak Federation as it happened in the first year after the Velvet revolution. This part also includes disquisition about integrating elements of a federative state as well as it is...

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