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International Relations in the Era of Climate Crisis: Flaws in Realist Analysis
Jakubů, Matyáš ; Slačálek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Těmín, Kristián (referee)
This thesis concerns analysis of climate and ecological crisis by realism in international relations. Firstly, realism is defined in contrast with neoliberalism. Next chapter describes Latour's and Moore's analyses of the causes of these crises, which identify the dichotomy between humans and non-human nature, the concept of nature as a passive object, accumulation of capital, and extractivist relationship with non-human nature. It is shown that attempts to synthesize realism and ecological thought cannot take these causes into consideration; therefore, these attempts are considered flawed. Thus, the degrowth movement is introduced as an alternative reaction to these crises, which overcomes their causes, but which does not present a comprehensive vision of global transformation. The last chapter offers a neo-gramscian analysis of international transition to degrowth. Key words international relations theory, ecorealism, New Climatic Regime, Capitalocene, degrowth

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