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Hydraulic efficiency of multi-chamber septic tanks based on mathematical modelling
Hradilová, Iva ; Hyánková, Eva (referee) ; Kriška-Dunajský, Michal (advisor)
The submitted diploma thesis is focused on finding optimal inside arrangement of multi-chamber septic tank using the conductive method. The diploma thesis brings detailed description and measuring results, including the testing of several different arrangements of the standard circular three chamber septic tank in the project TAČR with the working title "Anasep" and newly developed four-chamber septic tank with several innovative features. The results are then categorized according to own terminology for ease application in the practice. The described method may be a suitable alternative for other technically and economically less available methods. The method shows very clearly whether the inner space of the septic tank sufficient use its volume to the velocity field distribution which has a direct impact on the rate of sedimentation of suspended solids and therefore affect the life of the downstream filtration equipment. Measured data processing and graphical outputs were processed in the programme Minitab. Graphical display of all variants of septic tanks was carried out using SketchUp. Visualization of a septic tank in 2D and 3D space plane was solved in COMSOL Multiphysic with the application of CFD module. The conclusion is based on achievements discussed the applicability of the described method and it presented hydraulically efficient multi-chamber septic tank, which is currently copyrighted solution, developed by a team of solvers in the project ANASEP.
The water flow simulation in the cesspit
Šrámková, Dagmar ; Hyánková, Eva (referee) ; Kriška-Dunajský, Michal (advisor)
This diploma thesis consists of two parts, part research and part attachments. The first section describes the literary problems of today's way of cleaning wastewater from small producers and characteristics of wastewater. The work is focused on the aspect of nature and all of these methods are directed towards this direction. The literary section is devoted to anaerobic environment, which is just one of the natural ways of treatment of waste water, in our case in a septic tank. The second part of the thesis deals with modeling of flow and behavior of sludge and water mixture in the cesspit septic tank sludge with variable densities and flow speeds. Modeling and calculations are made using COMSOL Multhiphysics. The conclusion is then summarized findings from the flow cesspit septic tank with the results and the assessment of whether a septic tank still has its place among the modern methods of wastewater treatment.
Design of the multipurpose small water reservoir
Galuška, Martin ; Hyánková, Eva (referee) ; Doležal, Petr (advisor)
Thesis develops a simplified design of water management and construction solution in the area of Bezmerov. In the theoretical part basic functional objects are briefly described. Work itself is based on evaluation of landscape morphology from delivered countour lines and geological analysis and following design solution for dry retention water reservoir. For drawing part will be used programs PowerCivil – in which will be created direction solution for body of the dam, flooded area and their cross-sections and horizontal cuts. These will be further processed in program AutoCAD. Retention effects will be reviewed with program HEC-HMS. Design of objects for the water reservoir will be followed with hydrotechnical calculations, drawings and descriptions.
Improving the water regime of the agricultural landscape using restoration and ecological stability territorial systems.
Pochylá, Nikola ; Zedník, Ondřej (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
The aim of this work is to evaluate the hydromorphological quality of the selected watercourse, to propose revitalization measures to improve the current state and to integrate this watercourse into the territorial system of ecological stability (ÚSES). In the framework of the evaluation of the hydromorphological quality of this stream, a field mapping and subsequent evaluation according to the HEM 2014 methodology was carried out. In the worst evaluated sections, a conceptual design of revitalization measures with planned replanting of vegetation was carried out in order to make these sections meet the spatial and functional requirements of the ÚSES. In the last part of the work, an evaluation of the proposed measures according to the HEM 2014 methodology is carried out.
Solutions and variability of vertical filters
Roupec, Ladislav ; Hyánková, Eva (referee) ; Kriška-Dunajský, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with innovative technical solution of vertical trickle filter systems, which are categorized into the category of natural ways thow to clean water. The actual vertical filters for root cleaners are currently experiencing a boom thanks to the MPO project with the working title Biostream, within which are vertical root systems tested on root cleaner in the village of Kotenčice (involved in pilot conditions). The results show an increased removal of ammonia nitrogen and high efficiency in the elimination of organic pollution BSK5 and CHSKCr. However, the practice may in the future require even higher efficiency that can be solved by small technical innovations and modifications. In connection with the forced aeration of vertical filters is elaborated the methodological part of the thesis, the final result of the work is several regression equations using which it is possible to determine the input of oxygen into the system at a given input parameters (filter size, water flow, air flow, etc.). The results are very useful for a scientific branch because there is not so much available literature for this topic.
Design of the multipurpose small water reservoir
Rumanová, Jana ; Hyánková, Eva (referee) ; Doležal, Petr (advisor)
Master's thesis aims to design a small water reservoir. It is the dry water reservoir which is situated above a built-up area. The main function of this reservoir is a flood protection. Digital terrain model is created in a program BENTLEY MicroStation V8i – Power Civil. Focusing points in a data file are used in a process of creating of the DTM. Adjustments are done in AutoCAD. Particular hydro-technical calculations are calculated in a program Microsoft Excel. A program HEC-HMS is used for an assessment of a flood wave transformation and a program HEC-RAS is used for a water runoff simulation via emergency spillway.
Drip irrigation of a vineyard and orchard near Polešovice village
Pochylá, Nikola ; Szturc, Jan (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
This master thesis deals with irrigation systems with a focus on drip irrigation. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the reasons for the need for irrigation due to climate change, drought and its effects on crop yields and the impact of drip irrigation on improving crop quality. It then briefly discusses the types of irrigation and their water quality requirements. The theoretical part concludes with a discussion of drip irrigation, its advantages, disadvantages, practical applications and the different components of a drip irrigation system. In the second part, a drip irrigation system is proposed for a vineyard and an apricot orchard. The course of laboratory determination of soil type in the selected area, description of the information found about the former irrigation system and analysis of the selection of a suitable source of irrigation water are described. Furthermore, the calculation of the irrigation amount for each crop and the design of the storage tank are presented. The last section is devoted to the actual design of the drip irrigation system, its components and the irrigation schedule.
Hydroecological monitoring of small water course and possibilities of its improvement
Komárková, Adéla ; Pumprlová Němcová, Miroslava (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
This thesis deals with the status of watercourses and the hydro-ecological monitoring problematics. As a requirement of the European Water Framework Directive, the Hydro-ecological monitoring (HEM) is a part of the watercourses state assessment. The thesis contains a literature review on the subject, focused on possibilities of improvement of the watercourse state. The content of the thesis is the evaluation of a small watercourse and a suggestion to improve its state.
Renovation and reconstruction of small water reservoir
Pavlík, Tomáš ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with analysis of small water reservoirs and their water management. The work is divided into two parts. The first part contains research and the second one is dedicated to the project of small water reservoir. The research describes the basic division of small water reservoir and their construction and technical equipage. The knowledge that has been found is applied in the project. The project describes the renovation of small water reservoir Kančí obora and pool, in k.ú Nové Bránice and Moravský Krumlov.
Natural Swimming Pool for a Small Municipality
Mrkývka, Michal ; Hyánková, Eva (referee) ; Kriška-Dunajský, Michal (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deal with natural swimming biotope. In the first part concetrates on the principle of water purification natural swimming pool, a device used for the operation, properties of water, right sort of plant and regulations dictated by the state. In the sekond part presents free selected natural swimming pool in southern Moravia, compares selected indicators in bathing water and source water in natural biotope. At first depots graphic progres sof temperature, transparency and pollution in a particular biotope and then compares individual biotope between them with respect to the notice of the Ministry of Health.

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