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Drip irrigation of agricultural land
Pikna, Jan ; Kameníčková, Ivana (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
This thesis is about irrigation systems, especially drip irrigation. The first part of the thesis is a research of irrigation. It mentions reasons of constructing irrigation systems and causes and types of droughts and climate change. Briefly, the types of iffigation and ways of treatment irrigation water is are mentioned. The main part of the research is about drip irrigation, its advantages and disadvantages, using in practice and different parts of drip irrigation systems. The filtration of drip irrigation water is also discussed. The second part of the thesis is a design of drip irrigation in practice. There is determinate assessment of land droughts, design of land crop in the area, determinate moisture need of plants and irrigation amount of water, and design of dripline. The practical desing is ended by design of filters and pump.
Use of buildings rainwater for irrigation and soaking ind the Moravské Křižánky village
Hubený, Michal ; Kameníčková, Ivana (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue and utilisation of rainwater. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. Theoretical part consists of general rainwater distribution, the formation of individual rainfall - its composition, quality, surface run-off, individual possibilities of water purification, accumulation and infiltration. The ways of using rainwater in households and gardens are also described in thesis. The practical part deals with the use of rainwater around a family house in the specific location. The area is located in the village called Moravske Krizanky in Vysočina region. In conclusion, a complete solution for rainwater accumulation, irrigation and infiltration was developed.
Hydromorphological monitoring and partial restoration of Leskava stream
Čihák, Pavel ; Kozel, Tomáš (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
This work is focused on hydroecological monitoring of a selected watercourse in connection with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive. The methodology of type-specific evaluation of hydromorphological indicators of ecological quality approved by the Ministry of the Environment has been used. The result of this work is the implementation of the mapping of a particular watercourse and the subsequent possibility of improving its hydromorphological condition with revitalization measures.
Small water course restoration and its integration to the territorial systems of ecological stability
Blatecká, Markéta ; Kozel, Tomáš (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with hydro-ecological monitoring and evaluation of watercourses using the HEM 2014 methodology - Methodology of monitoring hydromorphological indicators of ecological quality of watercourses and Methodology of type-specific evaluation of hydromorphological indicators of ecological quality of watercourses. The methodology is under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment and it responds to the Water Framework Directive. Part of the work is a literary research focused on related topics, especially the revitalization and territorial system of ecological stability. Practical part includes monitoring and evaluation of a small watercourse. For a part of a watercourse there is a designed a plan to improve its condition with integration into the ÚSES.
River and floodplain restoration of Rohelnice stream with intergation to territorial systems of ecological stability
Komárková, Adéla ; Hubačíková,, Věra (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
This work deals with the state of watercourses, the territorial system of ecological stabi-lity and the possibilities of improvement for a state close to nature. The Rohelnice river basin and the solved watercourses are located in the Olomouc Region in the Morava River Basin. HEM - Hydroecological monitoring is a part of the assessment of the state of watercourses, which is a requirement of the European Water Framework Directive. The work contains the elaboration of a literature search on this topic with a focus on water retention in the landscape and the possibility of improving ecological stability in the basin. The content of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the hydromorphological status of watercourses in the Rohelnice river basin with the selection of sections on watercourses and places in the wider river basin for elements of ecological stability on the basis of zoning plans of affected cities and municipalities and improvement of the overall ecological status in the Rohelnice river basin.
Wind erosion in southeast Moravia
Němcová, Kateřina ; Hyánková, Eva (referee) ; Kameníčková, Ivana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is about wind erosion in southeast Moravia. The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes the problems about erosion and her division. Next, there is described wind erosion, its causes, assessment of erodability and safety measures. In the practical part is inspected effect of low temperatures on breakdown of soil aggregates of heavy soils collected from experimental areas. Breakdown of soil aggregates is simulated by freeze-thawing and freeze-drying process. For examined soil samples is determined proneness to wind erosion by boundary of erodability.
Hydromorphological monitoring of Sopřečský stream and and possibilities of its improvement
Sirůčková, Renáta ; Hubačíková,, Věra (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
This thesis deals with the hydroecological monitoring of the Sopřečský potok and possibilities of its improvement. The Sopřečský potok is located in the Pardubice Region in the Elbe River Basin. In the first phase of the work, hydroecological monitoring was carried out and then the hydromorphological state of the watercourse was evaluated. All procedures comply with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive. On the basis of its evaluation and taking into account the delimitation of ÚSES elements, the sections on which the measures to improve the state of the watecourse were implemented were selected. The effect of the modifications on the hydromorphological state was again evaluated. In conclusion, there is a comparison and summary of the proposed modifications to the existing state of watercourse.
Drip irrigation of park area in multifunctional object with rainwater re-use
Kabátek, Stanislav ; Mašíček,, Tomáš (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
The aim of this work is to design an irrigation system of park areas in a multifunctional object using rainwater. The knowledge obtained during the study was used to solve the problem. The solution is an irrigation system consisting of drip irrigation supplemented with a sprinkler irrigation system that uses rainwater for its operation. In the event of excess of rainwater, the water is disposed of by means of infiltration blocks located on the land. The benefit of this work is to show that the return on investment is acceptable in similar cases and, above all, that this investment contributes to responsibility for natural resources.
Linking technical and natural infrastructure to climate change in cities
Svobodová, Lenka ; Hyánková,, Eva (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (referee) ; Kriška-Dunajský, Michal (advisor)
The thesis is focused on linking technical and natural infrastructures in cities with respect to climate change. Various means of growing plants are presented by introducing urban farming. In the first, theoretical section, climate change is claimed to be a global threat for human kind which is more and more visible in cities. Many examples of adaptation and mitigation of climate change in cities are displayed. In the second, practical section, one existing technical measure from Brno city is examined – difference between technical and natural infrastructure is demonstrated. Finally, calculation method for environment-friendly crops growing, not only for cities, is introduced.
Hydromorphological monitoring of small water course and possibilities of its improvement
Jurenka, Marek ; Menšík, Pavel (referee) ; Hyánková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with hydro-ecological monitoring of watercourses according to requirements of the European Water Framework Directive with using methodology type-specific evaluation of hydromorphological indicators of ecological quality of watercourses (HEM 2014). The practical part deals with the given watercourse according to the already mentioned methodology and for selected parts are made proposals to improve its overall state. The main goal of this work is to evaluate the nameless watercourse and propose the possibilities of its improvement

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