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Vertically aligned CdS nanorod arrays for solar cell applications
Hroch, Daniel ; Lednický, Tomáš (referee) ; Drbohlavová, Jana (advisor)
This thesis describes the deposition of nanoparticles into nanoporous alumina templates. Nanoparticles of cadmium sulphide were chosen thanks to wide band gap of 2,45 eV. CdS is desired semiconductor promising better efficiency when comes to solar radiation conversion to useful energy. Theoretical part consists of explanation of photovoltaic principles, band-gap theory of materials, currently available technologies to manufacture solar cells and their efficiencies. Next part introduces the approaches of manufacturing nanoporous templates from aluminium (Anodized Aluminium Oxide, AAO) in details together with options to deposit cadmium sulphide into these structures. There is also brief description of deposition based on vacuum filtration. Experiments were made in Laboratory of Microsensors and Nanotechnologies at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication in Brno University of. The experimental chapter describes manufacturing process of AAO and deposition via vacuum filtration. Samples were evaluated by Scanning Electron Microscopy.