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Study of Factors Influencing the Development of "Water Bloom" in the Water Reservoir Seč
Forczek, Sándor ; Holík, Josef ; Rederer, L. ; Koza, V.
In this work, we monitored several parameters that influence the development of algal bloom on the\nwater reservoir Sec. Primarily climatic conditions belong to the monitored parameters that influence\nthe population dynamics of algae (air temperature and rainfall, incident light), temperature\nstratification of water, concentration of oxygen, concentrations of total phosphorus, phosphate,\nvarious forms of nitrogen and organic substances, turbidity and also diversity and frequency of\nphytoplankton and zooplankton species. Between 2012 and 2014 have not occurred massive algal\nblooms in the summer months, however the measured physical, chemical and biological data, can be\nused to assess the development of algal population. The population dynamic factors influencing algal\ngrowth must be understand to be able to predict formation and to attempt suppression of algal\nblooms.
Low Molecular Weight Volatile Organochlorine Compounds from Natural and Anthropogenically Influenced Ecosystems
Forczek, Sándor ; Holík, Josef ; Rederer, L. ; Ferenčík, M.
In the biogeochemical cycle of chlorine, chlorinated compounds participate in natural and\nanthropogenically influenced processes forming also compounds, which can be identical to\nchlorinated pollutants and determine by AOX (adsorbable organic halogens) method. Volatile\norganochlorines are in the center of interest due to their toxicity and possible role in degradation of\natmospheric ozone. Some volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons are both reactive and toxic, such as\nchloroform, which also has natural and anthropogenic sources and can be formed in abiotic and\nbiotic processes. In this study the occurrence of chloroform and AOX is determined in a natural\nclean environment at the Hamry water reservoir, Czech Republic. Furthermore, AOX and\nchloroform concentrations will be evaluated in correlation with meteorological and physicochemical\nconditions of water.
Sterilizační účinek oostatického pentapeptidu na reprodukci Pyrrhocoris apterus
Němec, Václav ; Tykva, Richard ; Hlaváček, Jan ; Holík, Josef
The effect of an oostatic pentapeptide, H-Tyr-Asp-Pro-Ala-Pro-OH, on reproduction of the bug Pyrrhocoris apterus was studied. The peptide decreased the number of laid eggs in the first ovarian cycle.
Distribuce a degradace oostatických peptidů v masařce Neobellieria bullata
Hlaváček, Jan ; Bennettová, Blanka ; Slaninová, Jiřina ; Černý, B. ; Vlasáková, Věra ; Holík, Josef ; Ježek, Rudolf ; Tykva, Richard
Distribution and degradation of oostatic peptides in the selected organs of flesh fly Neobellieria bullata was investigated using tritium labeled molecules. The degradation of peptides proceeded fast at both the amino and carboxy termini and resulted in formation of transient tetra and tripeptide sequences.
Syntéza a využití peptidů obsahujících 3,4-dehydroprolin
Hlaváček, Jan ; Bennettová, Blanka ; Černý, B. ; Vlasáková, Věra ; Slaninová, Jiřina ; Holík, Josef ; Tykva, Richard
The series of peptides containing 3,4-dehydroproline prepared was tritiated and used in the study on degradation of oosatic peptides.
Binding sites for oostatic peptides in organs of fly .I.Neobellieria bullata./I..
Nazarov, Elšan ; Holík, Josef ; Tykva, Richard ; Hlaváček, Jan ; Bennettová, Blanka ; Slaninová, Jiřina
Using tritiated peptides Asp-Pro, Tyr-Asp-Pro-Ala, Tyr-Asp-Pro-Ala-Pro binding experiments with homogentates on membrane preparations of ovaries were performed. Very low degree of specific binding was detected.
Conditions for following the metabolism of oostatic peptides in .I.Neobellieria bullata./I. by mass spectrometry and radiolabelling
Tykva, Richard ; Šimek, Petr ; Bennettová, Blanka ; Holík, Josef ; Hlaváček, Jan ; Havlíček, Libor
Metabolism of peptides with proven effect on the egg development has been studied after injection of radiolabelled sequences into flies .I.Neobellieria bullata./I..

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