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Catch phrase as part of Czech phraseology
Chen, Yu Ju ; Kopřivová, Marie (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
DIPLOMOVÉ PRÁCE Ústav bohemistických studií Title of thesis: Catch phrase as part of Czech phraseology Author: Yu Ju Chen Study program and grade: Second year of master program Thesis advisor: PhDr. Marie Kopřivová, Ph.D. Keywords: catch phrase, film, Czech phraseology, vocabulary enrichment Hypotéza: The older the movie the quote comes from, the more it is used by the older generation. The younger the movie, the more the quote is used by the younger generation. Abstract In the diploma thesis "Film quotations as part of Czech phraseology," we deal with film quotations that appear not only in films but are used in everyday communication. The entire work aims to investigate what role movie announcements play and whether their popularity is influenced by age. The theoretical part of this work focuses on the definition of film quotations from different points of view: memetics, phraseology, and linguoculturology. Then, in the form of a questionnaire survey, it is determined in which situations speakers use these quotes and the difference between using quotes from newer and older films. The research shows that the hypothesis of this work is partially confirmed. That is, age affects the popularity of the use of announcements but does not affect the familiarity with movie announcements. Therefore, the...
Czech Heritage in Russian Novorossijsk
Staniševská, Angelina ; Hasil, Jiří (advisor) ; Adamovičová, Ana (referee)
Author: Angelina Staniševská Title of the bachelor thesis: Czech Compatriots in Russian Novorossijsk School: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Philosophy Year of publication: 2014 Number of pages: 40 This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of Czech emigration to Russia, more specifically to the city of Novorossijsk, it also deals with the issue of the culture of Czech compatriots, their habits and traditions from 19th century to the present. The aim of this thesis is to find out the origin of Czech compatriots and their quantity. The paper further deals with the question of socio-linguis- tic research among the Czech compatriots in Novorossijsk (nowadays compatriots' language situation).
Comparison of the Current Czech and Vietnamese education Systems - sociological Probe
Dinh, Duong Tung ; Hasil, Jiří (advisor) ; Stárková, Zuzana (referee)
The topic of this thesis is a comparison of the school systems of the Czech Republic and Vietnam. The theoretical part contains chapters devoted to comparative education and a description of the educational systems of both countries with a focus on primary and secondary schools. In the practical part are described methods of qualitative and quantitative research. The aim of the work is to find out how young Vietnamese people live here in the Czech Republic and when they were in primary and secondary school pupils, what kind of relationships they had with their classmates and teachers and whether they encountered academic problems or felt discriminated against during their studies. Keywords: Czech education, Vietnamese education, level of education, education of foreigners, culture, society, pupil, relation to education
The Image of Woman in Czech and Ukrainian Phraseology
Sverdan, Oksana ; Adamovičová, Ana (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the analyses of the Czech and Ukrainian phraseological image of a woman. Based on the excerpt of phrasemes with gender components such as woman, grandmother, daughter etc., it aims to compare the reflection of the main specific attributes of women as well as their social status in Czech and Ukrainian phraseology and culture. Another goal of the thesis is to distinguish gender stereotypes in Czech and Ukrainian culture. The theoretical and methodological basis of the research is a modern cognitive- cultural approach to the linguistics elaborated by the Polish (Lublin) and Czech ethnolinguistic schools with the key concept "linguistic image of the world and stereotype". The bachelor's thesis includes two parts. The theoretical one examines modern linguistic schools which study the problem of the language ─ thought ─ culture relationship; it also introduces/analyses/describes different definitions of the key terms such as "linguistic image of the world," "stereotype," "concept," and "symbol". Furthermore, the concepts and limits of phraseology, phraseme and phraseme components, types of phrasemes are also defined here according to formal structure. The theory of phraseology is considered within the Czech school of phraseology. The second part of the research, a...
Traditions and customs in Czech and Ukrainian literature of the 19th century
Golovan, Nelli ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
(in English): The bachelor thesis deals with traditions and customs of the Czech and Ukrainian literature of the 19th century. Work contains the theoretical part with a brief description of the development of Czech and Ukrainian literature of the 19th century, those mentioned personalities had great influence on shaping of the literature of this period. The practical part of the text is dedicated to important Czech and Ukrainian authors, such as Bozena Nemcova, Karolina Svetla, Karel Jaromír Erben, Taras Shevchenko, Hryhoriy Kvitka- Osnovjanenko, Ivan Kotliarevsky, Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky, and Mykhailo Kocjubynskyj. The works of these authors are used as the primary literature of the thesis. Based on the study of selected literature, examples of traditions, customs and superstitions that are associated with such events of human life such as birth, engagement, wedding, funeral, and celebration of some holidays were analyzed in this part of the text. These events are categorized and compared. The practical part also contains research whether and to what extent mentioned traditions, customs and superstitions in both cultures are still kept alive. Klíčová slova (anglicky) Traditions superstitions Czech literature Ukrainian literature 19th century Ukraine Czech Republic wedding funeral Christmas
Samuel Fritz - The Forgotten Traveller
Nechev, Toma Yaroslavov ; Hasil, Jiří (advisor) ; Gebhartová, Markéta (referee)
This publication acquaints closer with the personality of Father Samuel Fritz, Czech Jesuit, who in the turn of the 17th and 18th century served a mission at the Maranon River, sailed the Amazon River up to its estuary, created a map of the stream, and established over 40 Indian settlements. The work deals with the aforementioned map, offering an authentic sample of the Father's journal and also deals with his own biography.
Anglicisms in economic terminology in contemporary Czech and Ukrainian
Grudina, Lilija ; Holub, Jan (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deals with the manner of incorporation of anglicisms in the area of economic terminology into the Ukrainian and the Czech language systems and its word-forming analysis with the aim of tracing the current tendencies of the adoption of anglicisms. The thesis also deals with the analysis of occurence of loan-worded terms in the specialised economic and professional texts in the Czech language and their comparison with the Ukrainian language.
The problems of condensation when translating from Russian into Czech
Ligay, Inga ; Hošnová, Eva (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
A graduation thesis discourses upon the definition of Condensation in Czech and Russian languages and means with the help of which this process may be accomplished. Condensation means that one communicational purpose is reached up by transformation of sentence, although formed elliptic expression loses dynamism that have had authentic sentence. Condensation contently quadrate with a sentence, but from the formal aspect we can hardly consider it to be a sentence, because it has no predicated verb. The aim of Condensation is to emplace more information into one sentence. Next chapter represents the chosen means of Condensation, exactly participles, because they seem to be the most interesting in the light of the topic of the graduation thesis. For better understanding of the material we show examples from Russian literature, strictly speaking from Mikhail Bulgakov and Viktor Shklovski, and its translations into Czech language. We look up the cases of Condensation in both of the texts, compare and find differences between them.

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