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Preparation of monolayer and multilayer MoS2 catalysts for decoposition of H2S
Kaluža, Luděk ; Zdražil, Miroslav ; Gulková, Daniela ; Soukup, Karel
Monolayer catalyst MoS2/Al2O3 and multilayer (crystalline) catalysts MoS2/Al2O3 and MoS2/TiO2 were prepared. The basic structural-textural parameters of the catalysts were determined by N2 physisorption and X-ray diffraction analysis.
Preparation and Activity on Unsupported Hydrotreating Catalysts.
Moravčík, Jan ; Gulková, Daniela ; Kaluža, Luděk
The aim of the present work is to investigate reactivity of precursors of CoMo and NiMo catalysts (molar ratio 0.3- Co/(Co-iMo) ol'Co or Ni) in aqueous solution with intention to prepare high surface area (ST) sulfides.
Hydrotreating over Silica-Alumina Supported Catalysts
Gulková, Daniela ; Vít, Zdeněk ; Kaluža, Luděk
They are studied for possible use in deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS)1 while they have not been investigated for the HDS parallel with hydrodeoxygenation (HDO)2. The aim was to find the effect of active phase and support of Pd and PdPt catalysts on activity and selectivity in HDS of 4,6-dimethyldibenzothiophene (DMDBT) and HDS/HDO of l-benzothiophene/octanoic acid (BT/OA).
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The Novel Preparation of Hydrotreating Catalysts Using Machanochemical Activation of Aluminum Nitrate and NiMo Complexes.
Kaluža, Luděk ; Jirátová, Květa ; Tyuliev, G. ; Gulková, Daniela ; Balabánová, Jana ; Palcheva, R. ; Koštejn, Martin ; Spojakina, A.
The novel Al2O3 synthesis by mechanochemical activation of aluminum nitrate hydrate was applied to prepare hydrodesulfurization (HDS) NiMo catalysts. Impregnation techniques using the complex made by dissolution of nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA), ammonium heptamolybdate and nickel nitrate and the Anderson-type heteropolyoxymolybdate ((NH4)4Ni(OH)6Mo6O18) complex were compared with conventional impregnation using subsequent deposition of ammonium heptamolybdate (first) and nickel nitrate (second) with calcination in between. Properties of the support and HDS catalysts were studied by N2 physisorption, Raman spectroscopy, H2 temperature-programmed reduction (H2-TPR), O2 chemisorption and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS).
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Silica-Alumina Supported Catalysts in Hydrodesulfurization of 4,6-Dimethyldibenzothiophene and 1-Benzotiophene Parallel with Hydrodeoxygenation of Octanoic Acid.
Gulková, Daniela ; Vít, Zdeněk ; Kaluža, Luděk
HDS on Pd-Pt catalysts proceeded almost exclusively by the hydrogenation (HYD) route. Activities of majority of Pd-Pt catalysts correlated with their Brønsted acidities while not with metal dispersion2. The studied sulfidic CoMo phase increased DDS route (formation of DMBP) and results in similar HDS/HDO activity and selectivity (kEB/kHC) as the reference Al2O3 supported counterpart. We believe that high acidity of MSAs positively influence hydrorafination of 4,6-DMDBT and oxygen (OA) containing feeds, which motivate our forthcoming research.
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Effect of Promotion Metals on Activity of Zirconia Supported Molybdenum Sulfide Catalyst in Parallel Hydrodesulfurization of 1-Benzotiophene and Hydrogenation of 1-Methyl-Cyklohex-1-ene.
Kaluža, Luděk ; Gulková, Daniela
Promotion of hydrodesulfurization and hydrogenation activity of MoS2 supported on unconventional support ZrO2 (baddeleyite, SBET = 108 m2g-1) by Co, Ni, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ir, and Pt was studied.
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39M-IMMEDIATE Research Report: Remarks on Repeatability Experiments and Perspective Exploitation of MAE Pt/C\nElectrocatalysts.
Kaluža, Luděk ; Gulková, Daniela ; Soukup, Karel
The 36-39 months of the projekt solution were devoted to summarize aspects of the most perspective results on Pt/C electrocatalysts preparation to focus on industrial expoitation. Chellenges of Pt dispersion in the Pt/C were compared with preliminary outcomes from volumetric determination of hydrogen adsorption.
Synthesis of Pt/C Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts: Residual Content of Chlorine and Activity in Oxygen Reduction
Kaluža, Luděk ; Larsen, M.J. ; Morales, I.J. ; Cavaliere, S. ; Jones, D.J. ; Roziere, J. ; Gulková, Daniela ; Odgaard, M.
Hydrogen and fuel cells represent a possible solution of modern transportation. Carbon-supported Pt is conventional catalyst in proton-exchange membrane fuel cells. The aim of this work is to elaborate on preparation procedure for deposition of Pt onto the moderate-surface-area carbon support with emphasis on residual analysis of Cl content, electrochemically active surface area and activity towards the oxygen reduction reaction.
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12M-IMMEDIATE Research Report: Preparation of Pt on Carbon Black Supported Catalysts
Kaluža, Luděk ; Zdražil, Miroslav ; Gulková, Daniela ; Vít, Zdeněk ; Šolcová, Olga ; Soukup, Karel ; Maixnerová, Lucie
The aim of this work was to elucidate on advanced preparation of Pt/C catalysts from TimCal carbon black and H2PtCl6. The attention was directed to residual content of chloride in the prepared catalysts and scale-up to the amount about 1 gram of final product. The textrual properties of the supports and selected catalyst were studied by nitrogen physisorption. The analytical methods such as instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA), liquid ion chromatography (LC), and titration with silver nitrates were applied for Cl analysis. Electron probe micro analysis (SEM-EDX), hydrogen chemisorption, temperature programed desorption of hydrogen (TPD) and a simplified determination of ignition temperature in air flow were used for Pt/C catalysts characterization.

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