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Numerická simulace pohybu teplotního pole v CLT panelu
Grégr, Jan
Thesis examines the thermal properties of cross laminated timber (CLT). Experi-mental measurement was carried out in heat flow meter. There were measured samples of spruce CLT with dimensions 600 x 600 mm of various thicknesses and number of board layers. The properties were also measured within two different humidity states. The results, especially of the thermal conductivity, are compared and the influence of factors on thermal properties of CLT is researched. There are also numerical models, created in ANSYS software, on which were simulated conditions in heat flow meter and real conditions. The thermal flux through panel cross section was analyzed.
Návrh autonomní dřevostavby
Grégr, Jan
Thesis designs an autonomous timber house RD Zeleny Vrch. The building is intended as a residential dwelling for a four-member family, the build up area is 120 square meters and it’s located in the land register held at Babice u Rosic. A topic is firstly researched in literature review which sums up features of the autonomous and low-energy houses and environmental impacts. Construction systems and technologies used in the design are researched next. The project then contains a building solution in a state of documentation for building permission, thermal properties calculations and technological solutions for maintaining of house autonomy and user comfort. As last the price of the building is estimated. Discussion evaluates designed project regarding used building materials, used technologies, user comfort and possible alternative solutions.
Fiber reinforcements for polymer composites
Knob, Antonín ; Grégr, Jan (referee) ; Čech, Vladimír (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is concerned with an influence of surface modification of fibrous reinforcements on mechanical properties at the fiber-matrix interface in fiber-reinforced polymer composites. Polyester resin was used as a matrix, glass and carbon fibers were the reinforcements. The composite sample consisted of polymer matrix in a form of cylindrical body placed on a bundle of fibers. Untreated fibers and fibers with a commercial sizing were used for fabrication of composite samples. The tensile test using a materials testing machine (Zwick) was employed to evaluate adhesion at the fiber-matrix interface.

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