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The Transformation of Czech Pre-November Alternative Rock Music in the 1990s
Fikarová, Lucie
This study focuses on the key contemporary trends that both positively and negatively influenced the transformation of the alternative rock scene in the 1990s. Particular attention is paid to external factors (e.g. music management, commercionalization), while internal factors (personal development of the participants) are not neglected. By analysing contemporary music magazines, interviews and oral history research (involving music publicists, music industry representatives and musicians), the author traces the influence of these factors on the transformation of the environment under consideration.
Problems with pelvic floor during painful intercourse
Fikarová, Lucie ; Ježková, Martina (advisor) ; Čech, Zdeněk (referee)
This research bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of the pelvic floor in painful sexual intercourse. At the beginning of the theoretical part, the anatomy and kinesiology of the pelvic floor are described. The physiology and pathophysiology of pain are also outlined together with the evaluation. The thesis deals with the description of female sexual dysfunctions, summarizes the cause generating changes in the pelvic floor, which can subsequently lead to painful intercourse or impossibility of intercourse due to pain. The main part of the thesis then deals with the possibility of using physiotherapeutic methods and concepts to influence dyspareunia in musculoskeletal causes. The practical part of the thesis contains a case history of patient with dyspareunia caused by a change in the pelvic floor, its kinesiological analysis, including palpation examination of soft tissues in the pelvic area and a therapeutic plan using several methods of physiotherapy.
Nursing diagnostics and nursing diagnoses in Pediatrics
Children´s nursing has its particularities, whether in differences between child care during individual development stages or in the range of illnesses and their clinical manifestations. Nurses taking care of a child patient should observe all particularities of pediatric nursing which surely makes the nursing diagnostics diffucult and demanding. The theoretical part of the bachelor{\crq}s thesis {\clqq}Nursing diagnostics and nursing diagnoses in pediatrics`` opens with a description of pediatrics alongside with an outline of history and development in pediatric nursing. The following part of the thesis describes the current state of child care. The main operating method used by nurses who take care of hospitalized children complies with the Section 4 (1) of the decree No. 424/2004 concerning the nursing procedure. Nursing diagnostics is one of the stages described in the nursing procedure. The following parts of the thesis include detailed accounts of the theory of nursing diagnostics, taxonomy of nursing diagnoses, and particularities of the nursing diagnoses in pediatrics. The survey was based on quantitative method by way of questinnaires. Also, the data content analysis was utilized in order to complete the data acquired. The aim of the bachelor{\crq}s thesis was to find out whether the nurses addressed knew the nursing diagnoses used in pediatrics, if they use such diagnoses in practice, and what is the biggest obstacle when performing nursing diagnostics in pediatrics. The outcome from the data collected proves all three hypotheses correct. Hypothesis 1 is: Nurses have a good command of nursing diagnostics in pediatrics. Hypothesis 2 is: Nurses utilize individually the nursing diagnoses in pediatrics. Hypothesis 3 is: Lack of time is considered to be the biggest obstacle while using the nursing diagnostics in pediatrics by nurses. The survey has also found out that there are utilized different taxonomies for nursing diagnoses with respect to differences at various age and other particularities, which certainly respects the child as an individual human being but makes the diagnostics more time demanding. Therefore it is suggested to unify the used terminology within individual departments with respect to a number of published books on nursing diagnostics in pediatrics and make otherwise time demanding nursing work a little easier.

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