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Methodology for the detection of fungal allergens from air with a focus on the genus Alternaria
Palicová, Jana ; Dumalasová, Veronika ; Zelba, Ondřej ; Hanzalová, Alena ; Trávníčková, Martina ; Chrpová, Jana
The aim of the methodology was to develop and describe a new procedure for air sampling for the analysis of microscopic filamentous fungi (micromycetes, in layman's terms moulds) in outdoor and indoor environments with a focus on the allergenic genus Alternaria. The methodology also includes a procedure for the preparation of samples for molecular detection of representatives of the genus Alternaria and the allergen Alt a 1.
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Cereal diseases from sowing to harvest (determination and protection options): Methodology for practice
Slavíková, Lucie ; Chrpová, Jana ; Palicová, Jana ; Hanzalová, Alena ; Dumalasová, Veronika ; Ripl, Jan ; Jarošová, Jana ; Kumar, Jiban
The fungal and virus diseases are still very actual topics due to the high proportion of cereals in crop rotation and large cultivated area. The cereal crops often decimated by fungal diseases like eyespot, powdery mildew, smuts, rusts, Fusarium head blight and brown leaf spot diseases. The virus diseases include Barley yellow dwarf virus – BYDV, Wheat dwarf virus – WDV and Wheat streak mosaic virus – WSMV are also very important due to the epidemic incidence in some years. This methodology summarizes the current knowledge of these fungal and virus diseases, focuses on the description, symptoms, occurrence, field and laboratory diagnostics and possibilities of crop protection against these diseases. Individual diseases are ranked in the order of their occurrence in the agroecosystem. The methodology can serve the farming communities and agronomist as a key to identifying the diseases infecting wheat crop.
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Rezistence genes against fungi deseases in cereals and methods for their detection
Stuchlíková, Šárka ; Dumalasová, Veronika (advisor) ; Schwarzerová, Kateřina (referee)
The paper deals with the possibilities of detection fungal disease resistance genes in the original European cereals, such as wheat, barley, rye and oats. It provides an overview of the most important resistance genes for breeding. The significance of the resistance genes is evaluated on the basis of the harmfulness of the individual cereal fungal diseases, as well as the importance of the individual cereal species. It describes the possibilities of detecting resistance genes using molecular markers and compares various types of molecular markers. It seeks answers to the question of where the breeding on resistance and therefore the use of molecular markers brings the greatest benefit.
Methodology of diagnostics and control of stem base diseases of wheat
Dumalasová, Veronika ; Palicová, Jana ; Hanzalová, Alena ; Bartoš, Pavel
The methodology presents optimized techniques for a detection of the species of fungi causing stem base diseases and suggests the control measures.
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Methodology of using molecular markers for detection of resistance genes to wheat rusts, powdery mildew and eyspot, and dwarfing genes of wheat
Sumíková, Taťána ; Dumalasová, Veronika ; Trávníčková, Martina
The aim of the publication is to summarize detailed protocols for detection of following resistance genes to wheat rusts, powdery mildew and eyspot (Lr10, Lr19, Lr24, Lr26+Sr31+Yr9+Pm8, Lr28, Lr34+Yr18, Lr37+Yr17+Sr38, Pch1), and dwarfing genes of wheat (Rht-B1 a Rht-D1) using molecular markers based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The protocoles are reliable optimized for routine use in a common laboratory with basic equipment needed for PCR.
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