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Kitchen Waste Fermentation
Dlabaja, Tomáš ; Jícha, Jaroslav (referee) ; Boráň, Jaroslav (advisor)
Biodegradable waste is a significant type of waste, which includes kitchen waste from restaurants, catering establishments and kitchens as well. This work evaluates a waste production in the Czech Republic and compares it with a waste production of other European countries. It provides a brief search through legislation and analyzes present development, going from simple disposal of material to energetic and material utilization. New laws has established stiffer requirements for the treatment of dangerous biowaste including kitchen waste. Under all these changes benefits of the most suitable ways of waste treating are analyzed. Part of the work is a laboratory experiment of the biogas yield, which verifies theoretical assumption of kitchen waste utilization at anaerobic fermentation. In conclusion the economy calculation of such manufacturing plant is done.
Production of ethanol as an automotive fuel from renewable materials
Doležal, Martin ; Kropáč, Jiří (referee) ; Dlabaja, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis deals with ethanol production using renewable energy ressources. It describes various manufacturing processes and the usage of respective input materials. It researches utilization of ethanol as engine fuel both as a mixture with conventional fuels and also as the principal component. Consequentionally, it proposes a design of combustion engines suitable for this fuel. Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of substituting petrol products with bioethanol is provided. The thesis also includes energy and economic evaluation.
Production of biogas as an automotive fuel from renewable materials
Frühbauer, Zdeněk ; Houdková, Lucie (referee) ; Dlabaja, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to specify and summarize possibilities of biogas production as a motor vehicle fuel by using the renewable energy sources. In the first part of the thesis there are the data concerning biogas, its production and chemical composition. An important part of the thesis is a description of current most used methods of cleaning which adjust biogas to quality of natural gas. The important part of this thesis is to introduce some of already working projects and to get knowledge about possibilities of making biogas from biologically decomposable material as a renewable energy source. The close of the thesis deals with energy, economy and ecological audit too and values biogas through all angles which decide about its using in larger size in the car industry.
Sludge pretreatment and its further utilization
Němec, Jan ; Dlabaja, Tomáš (referee) ; Elsässer, Thomas (advisor)
The thesis deals with methods of pre-treatment (disintegration) of sewage sludge, which offers an opportunity for better operation of a waste water treatment plant. The introduction is aimed at sewage water and sludge dividing, and then at their characteristics. In this thesis a current state of sludge disposal within the reference to the legislature and how to divide the methods of disintegration is also marked. Afterwards a description of selected methods of sludge disintegration, their comparison and the applicability of thermal disintegration to pasteurization of sewage sludge is included.

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