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Ethical aspects of handling data acquired from experiments on people
Constable, Marika ; Fošum, Jan (advisor) ; Sousedík, Prokop (referee)
The presented master's thesis examines experiments on humans conducted in Nazi concentration camps during WWII and focuses on the conflict between the victims on one side and scientists on the other. In this conflict, which is centered around the fate of the data, both sides take a strong stand. The criteria for an ethical evaluation is to objectively articulate the main argumentation pillars from both sides and assess their validity in the contrast of two ethical theories which are virtue theory and the theory of consequentialism. To reach this objective, the thesis draws from available literal and audio-visual sources from the fields of history, philosophy, psychology, anthropology and bioethics. The paper is divided into three main parts. The first part is dedicated to terminology, technical execution, integrity, impact and logistics of the experiments. The second part analyzes victim testimonies and impact statements and arguments that had been put forward by the research community. The third part deals with the meaning of the term person's dignity/KAVOD, evaluates the argument points in the contrast of ethical theories, introduces the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance and deliberates the scientific community stance. Keywords Bioethics, cognitive dissonance, concentration camps,...