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Návrh univerzitního firewallu na platformě Cisco
Burian, Jan
The diploma thesis focuses on design of university firewall on Cisco platform. The design deals with important functionalities, which are used in the current solution. These include routing, network address translation, access control lists, VPN. The thesis furher deals with dynamic insertion rules, which are generated based on traffic analysis by Flowmon probe and its ADS module. The new design is implemented in a testing environment and its funcionality is verified. The thesis will serve like feasibility study for final implementation in the production MENDELU network.
Recommendations for the future development of Vinný sklípek - galerie, s.r.o.
Burian, Jan
Burian, J., Recommendations for the Future Development of Vinný sklípek-galerie, s.r.o. Bachelor thesis. Brno, 2017. This bachelor thesis is focused on recommendations for the future development of Vinný sklípek-galerie, s.r.o. The first part of this thesis focuses on theory of strategic management and the processes of strategic management. Furthermore, companys objectives and analysis of the external and internal environment in relation to the specifics of the wine industry. In the practical part compares wineries and gives information about the company. Everything is evaluated using SWOT analysis and conclusion are reviewed current situation and made recommendations for improvement
Regulation system for climatic test chambers
Burian, Jan ; Palíšek,, Libor (referee) ; Polsterová, Helena (advisor)
This paper contains 5 main parts. The first deals with the general description and properties of the climatic chambers, their individual parts and how these parts work. The second part deals with the chamber of Angelantoni CH 340. In detail is described how the chamber works and there is description of this chamber up to individual parts. The third part deals with the reconstruction project, the possibilities of reconstruction and the method that the chamber reconstructed. The fourth part describes the hardware that had to be selected and replaced and which parts of the chamber had to be modified. In the last part is a description of the program that controls the chamber after the reconstruction.
Changes in the administration of Roman cities in the 2nd - 4th cent. AD
Vavřín, Pavel ; Marek, Václav (advisor) ; Burian, Jan (referee) ; Bednaříková, Jarmila (referee)
The present study is administration in the Abstract dealing with the development of city Roman Empire wi th focus put on the situation in its western part. Most important for treating this problem are legal sources, complementarily then narrative sources. The body of substantive law, however, is only fragmentarily preserved (in later codes), and narrative sources on the topic are strongly limi ted. Despi te all tha t, i t is mainly the status of local aristocracy (decuriones/curiales) that can be studied at relatively great length. Epigraphic sources help to follow up especially the areal development of municipal administration in provinces, but their potential for the study of administrative development is very limited, both materially and chronologically. The knowledge acquired from sporadically preserved constitutions of particular cities cannot be fully generalised, with regard to local specifics as well as chronological development. The study also leans on the results of research based on archaeological sources.
Závodský, Norbert ; NEBESKÝ, Jan (advisor) ; BURIAN, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on themes like the collapse of the myth of God, crisis of faith and seeking God, as well as on way to stage them in a theatrical performance. The first part of this work tries to depict changes in a relationship between a man and God and their mutual combat. The chapter dealing with the cult of Dionysus shows a clash of the two fanaticisms; the religious and the rational one. The Faust chapter is concerned with the idea of free decision making and the difficulties and the possibility of a personal crisis this freedom might cause. The final chapter The Ladybirds opens the problematic of suffering of the innocent, which is the most common objection against the existence of God. The practical part of this work reflects on the school projects and the process of making. It also asks whether it is possible to stage themes like faith in one of the most atheistic nations in the world.
Methodology of the Cooperation between the Director and Actor and Contermporary Theater Practice
Glogrová, Kateřina ; BURIAN, Jan (advisor) ; HRBEK, Daniel (referee)
The thesis deals with the cooperation between the director and actor during individual phases of the staging process as they appear in everyday theatre life. The indiviual phases of the staging process are supplemented by the author's own experience with managing the actors, which she gained especially in the course of her studies at the Drama Faculty of AMU. The second part of the thesis investigates the issues of inner truthfulness and the possibilities of its achievement within the production of a play. As a part of collecting the material for the thesis, the author conducted a research, which included interviews with three professional directors - Hana Burešová, Ladislav Smoček and Štěpán Pácl, whose methods of work are described. In the final part of the thesis the author states that it is difficult to draw general conclusions about the cooperation between the director and actor because it is always of subjective nature. The issue of inner truthfulness is similarly difficult to generalise. Due to the multiplicity of options, however, neither of them loses attractiveness for further research.
Autonomous power supply with higher EMC requirements
Burian, Jan ; Deneš, Roman (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
This paper deals with design of mechanical and electrical components of autonomous power supply and its testing. It consists of selecting of the materials, draft of shapes and calculations of feed-throughs for the source container to ensure the required electromagnetic characteristics. It also includes the selection of electronic components, comparison of DC-DC converters and filter design with focus on the highest electromagnetic immunity and the lowest electromagnetic emissions.
Kubák, Ivo Kristián ; NEBESKÝ, Jan (advisor) ; BURIAN, Jan (referee)
The thesis is in its first part focused on finding a link between the relatively young mathematical discipline theory of chaos, and theoretical and practical work of theatre director. The first part explains the principles of chaos theory, fractal geometry, understanding chaos in ancient Greek culture, in postmodern and in current state of culture. The thesis in the second part applies the named apparatus to the practice and concludes with are several essential characteristics, functions and tasks of directing in the theatre. Third part is two case studies based on stage praxis: directing of performances Punk Rock and Otcizeni in a DAMU school theatre DISK.
The Director as a Shifting Role
Burianová, Zuzana ; ŠIKTANCOVÁ, Jaroslava (advisor) ; BURIAN, Jan (referee)
The present master's thesis focuses on relationships between the director and the other creators of a theatre production and on the ways in which these relationships develop during the creative process. The author describes and reassesses specific practical examples from her directorial and dramaturgical experience in years 2012-2015. The first part is devoted to those productions in which the author collaborated also on the playtext. It seeks to identify specific primary impulses which had inspired individual projects and to track any subsequent evolution of these impulses, a process which the author defines as assignment formulation. The second part concentrates in more detail on collaboration with actors and explores the circumstances in which a free creative process can be established, the border between the actor's creation and the director's direction of the actor. The third part addresses the interaction between three theatre professions, namely the director, the dramaturgist and the set designer.

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