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Standardization and harmonization of the expert process analyses of the new-built flats
Nováčková, Jana ; Hobst, Leonard (referee) ; Mikš, Lubomír (referee) ; Brožovský, Jiří (advisor)
Legal rules and regulations, which are engaged in forensic engineering including expert evidence’s requirements, are because of the difference of this sphere very universal and common. Due to this situation, legal orders and regulations can not standardize and harmonize expert procedures for particular branches or their specific parts. The Dissertation thesis is focused on a elaboration of the methodology procedure for expert evidence’s elaborations, which analyze defects and imperfections in new-built flats.
The issue of waterproof concrete for the concrete tunnel lining
Dipold, Václav ; Brožovský, Jiří (referee) ; Hubáček, Adam (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with a summary of requirements for waterproof lining of tunnels. Then focuses on the characteristics and requirements for concrete lining. Emphasis will be on requirements for fresh concrete, such as the hydration heat, the temperature requirements of concrete during storage and the requirements for concrete in the hardened state such as strength properties, modulus of elasticity and volume changes. Subsequently is discussed possibility of using SCC for this type of construction.
Comparison of elastic moduli of building materials
Ballon, Marek ; Hubáček, Adam (referee) ; Brožovský, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the detection of static and dynamic elastic moduli of building materials, their comparison and overview of the relationships between them. Describes methods for the determination of static modulus of elasticity in the press loading and dynamic modulus of elasticity obtained by non-destructive methods, including ultrasonic pulse method and resonance method.
Hela, Vlastimil ; Brožovský, Jiří (advisor)
The current technology for sprayed concrete cannot do without various types of concrete admixtures allowing that more demanding requirements for quality and overall characteristics of Sprayed Concrete can be met. These are mainly concrete plastificators and set acceleration admixtures. In practice these technologies are employed especially in construction of underground structures where the working conditions are often very restricted. In these days Sprayed Concrete is usually applied by wet spraying where the fresh concrete is made in a batching plant and then transported to the construction site. That is why it is also important to pay attention to rheology characteristics of sprayed concrete. The concrete is then placed by a special spraying plant while it is ensured that all requirements and technical specifications for sprayed concrete are complied with. The characteristics are most affected by the admixtures - both plastificators and accelerators and their compatibility with cement. In order to acquire new evidence in the field of sprayed concrete technology and use of admixtures and their effect in relation with various types of cement a number of combinations of admixtures and cements were tested. Gradually results were obtained and recorded for rheology of cement mortars and concrete, for characteristics of young sprayed concrete mixes and for the comparison between the laboratory tests and findings from daily practice.
The influence of the preparation and editing of test specimens for testing the durability of concrete and concrete products
Šťastný, Antonín ; Brožovský, Jiří (referee) ; Hubáček, Adam (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis examines the influence of the preparation and editing of test specimens for testing the durability of concrete and concrete products. In particular it monitors the effect of surface treatment and storage of test samples on durability of concrete. The theoretical part describes the mechanism of damage to the samples exposed to salt scaling. It further describes the test methods, which identifies and describes the durability of concrete and concrete products according to the test standards in force in the Czech Republic. Three types of concerete was proposed and mixed in the experimental part of this work. They were using the same raw materials and were differed in degree of aeration. Samples were made from each types of concrete. Thay had different surface treatment, various degrese of saturation before the salt scaling test and the samples were compared with each other.
Determination of dynamic modules of brick body
Valentová, Renata ; Hubáček,, Adam (referee) ; Brožovský, Jiří (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the determination of dynamic modulus of elasticity non-destructive methods of brick body. The test samples were laboratory-made from two types of brick earth and further were used cotouts from the full brick types clinker. For measuring were used ultrasonic impulse and resonant-impact method.
Waterproof concrete structures and regulations for the design and implementation
Křenek, Daniel ; Brožovský, Jiří (referee) ; Hubáček, Adam (advisor)
This thesis covers the issues of design, production, and property testing in regards to waterlight concrete structures. The testing conducted on the properties fit in accordance to the Czech Republic and international regulations. This thesis covers the issues of design, production, and property testing in regards to waterlight concrete structures. The experimental part focused on the design of the concrete mix, which stems from previous knowledge of individual, and speific regulations. Various types of cement were particularly examined along with studying the effects of admixtures that were partially replaced by cement with propoerties of watertight concrete
Use of ultrasonic pulse method, a tool for determining the strength of cement
Dvorský, Petr ; Dufka,, Amos (referee) ; Brožovský, Jiří (advisor)
Diploma thesis is about application of ultrasonic pulse velocity method to determinate the strengths of cements, if there is a relevant calibration relation.
Three-dimensional Spring Networks and Their Applications
Štafa, Michal ; Brožovský, Jiří (referee) ; Keršner, Zbyněk (referee) ; Frantík, Petr (advisor)
The presented work highlights the remarkable potential of physical discretization – lattice model FyDiK in three-dimensional modelling of non-linear problems in structural mechanics. To achieve the objectives a software application, that implements the model FyDiK along with the 3D graphical user interface has been developed and thus is able to assemble a spring network model. Such a model was used for modelling the formation of cracks and fracture in the concrete specimens and also to model a plastic behaviour of steel I-beam. The calculations were performed by a massive parallelization on CUDA platform. In the first part the basic principles on which the work is based are introduced. Subsequently, a detailed description of individual parts of the model and the issue of parallelization by graphics cards are presented. In the next part the creation of the required software and improving of the model properties of mentioned materials are described. That is followed by evaluation of the achieved results with the comparison of other modelling software. The conclusion summarizes the achievements and suggestions for the further development possibilities of the presented method of modelling.
Innovative wood-based materials
Buriánek, Vlastimil ; Brožovský, Jiří (referee) ; Vaněrek, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the issue of optimizing the modification process for plywood boards. Optimization consists mainly in evaluating different densification methods with different parameters of plasticization and stabilization. Psychical parameters (bulk density, swelling, water absorption) and strength parameters (bending strength, modulus of elasticity) of modified plates were chosen for the evaluation parameters. The practical part involved the verification of two thickening treatments on birch plywood.

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