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Global financial crisis from the point of view of economic theories
Zukalová, Kristýna ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Jurek, Martin (referee)
Since 2008 the business world, politics, economy and public has been affected by the financial crisis. A financial crisis is generally defined as a broad range of disturbances that affect real economy (negative impacts on employment, production, purchasing power, insolvency and many others). The aim of the thesis is an analysis of approaches to explanation of the global financial crisis in terms of selected economic theories. The hypothesis (there is a state of knowledge that the global crisis could be predicted) is confirmed in this thesis. At the same time, proposals for predicting financial crises are elaborated. For the comparison a multi-criteria decision method is used. As the input criteria the individual causes of the financial crises that are defined in the first part of the thesis are chosen. The criteria are used to evaluate selected variants; the variants represent the real causes of the global financial crisis of 2008.
Comparison of startup ecosystem in Slovakia and in Czech republic
Pipasová, Jaroslava ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Andera, Michal (referee)
This master thesis deals with the comparison of startup ecosystems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The goal is to discover which of these two countries has more developed startup ecosystem. The first chapter aims to define startup and illustrates its importance and development in both countries. The second chapter analyzes the characteristic of startup ecosystem, startup financing and supporting institutions in the 2 countries. The final chapter contains a comparison of the startup ecosystems in both countries based on my research.
Money Laundering
Kryvosheieva, Ganna ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Černá, Iveta (referee)
The thesis deals with evaluation of ant-money laundering effectiveness. In theoretical part money laundering, FATF (Financial Ask Task Force) and AML(anti-money laundering) are defined. Practical part concentrates on the biggest scandals of the latest years and assessment of AML effectiveness. Based on this evaluation, weak places in AML mechanisms were identified. Additionally, tools of AML improvement were determined.
Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment with a Focus on the USA
Skryjová, Kateřina ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of outward foreign direct investment of the People´s Republic of China with a focus on the United States of America. The initial chapter introduces the concept of foreign direct investment. The purpose of the second chapter is to analyse outward foreign direct investment of China in general. It also gives an overview of the China investment policy, main motives of Chinese investor's decision and specific features of Chinese FDI. Last chapter focuses on the analogous analysis of Chinese FDI in the United States. The work also assesses the investment attractiveness of the country and aims to describe its stance towards Chinese FDI.
Podnikatelské prostředí ve Španělsku
Kasianova, Anastasiia ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Cook, Gina (referee)
The goal of the thesis is to examine the business environment in Spain, to trace how the economy was changing from the times of autarky until the current time. In addition, to find out what were the causes of the crisis and what Spain did in order to recover from it, to look at the legal framework of doing business in Spain
Eurasijská ekonomická integrace a její důsledky pro podnikání v členských zemích
Volkov, Nikita ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
This Thesis contains the following information about the EAEU: - Historical reference - Description of national economies - Analysis of major industries in the member-states - Future economic impact on the member-states - Description of the EAEU functioning system - Existing problems for the year 2017 - Possible solutions on these problems - Description of future projects - Comparison with the other integrations - Bilateral agreements by the year 2017
The analysis of foreign trade between the Czech Republic and selected countries of Latin America
Marecová, Nikol ; Hinčica, Vít (advisor) ; Bolotov, Ilya (referee)
This work illustrates view of relations between the Czech Republic and selected countries of Latin America, specifically Chile and Argentina. The aim of the study is to determine when mutual relationships were established, how they have evolved and what kind of contracts are based on. Another object of examination are kinds of exported and imported commodities by Czech Republic. After the analysis of collected data take place comparison of trade between the Czech Republic and Chile, and between the Czech Republic and Argentina.
Impacts of the Ukrainian crisis on the Russian economy
Šimíková, Barbora ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Černá, Iveta (referee)
This thesis aims to set a complex view on the economy of the Russian Federation and evaluate its current state in the context of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis which started in 2014. During this period significantly changed the situation on the oil market and at the same time there were introduced sanctions against Russia because of its involvement in the conflict. Therefore, Russia introduced its own sanctions in return. What is the cause of the current Russian economic crisis will try to uncover this thesis in three chapters. First chapter is dedicated to the Ukrainian crisis and to the role of Russia within the conflict. Second part analysis the Russian economy, its specifics and efficiency. Last chapter examines the impacts of the sanction regime, decrease of oil prices and the related lack of diversification and dependency on export of the recourses in the context of the monetary and fiscal policy and the impact on the selected sectors of the economy and international trade.
Global value chains after the Great Recession: main challenges for advanced and developing countries
Tsyrulnik, Alexandr ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Černá, Iveta (referee)
The industrial revolution made great industrial powers out of North America and Western Europe. Hundred years after, ICT revolution and offshoring of production processes paved the way for intense economic growth of the developing countries. Following breakdown of the Soviet Bloc, market oriented reforms in China together with other circumstances have gradually changed balance of powers in favour of the developing world. However, developed economies have been keeping a competitive advantage consisting in activities associated with creativity and know-how, while the newly industrialized countries have been using mainly extensive growth model based on cheap labour and repetitive activities. These processes have been taking place across highly advanced and sophisticated global value chains. Our goal is to look deeply into the impact of the smiling curve and the evolution of the shares of value added for both developing and developed countries, before and after the Great Recession, across three industries: textile, electronics and automotive, and find out, whether developing countries are situated in a so-called low value added trap, in other words their shares for a longer period have either been stagnating or declining, while shares of developed countries have been constantly growing.
Impact of the Chechen conflict on the economy and trade of the North Caucasus
Ionova, Ksenia ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Hinčica, Vít (referee)
The aim of this thesis is based on historical and political context evaluate the impact of the Chechen conflict on the economy of the North Caucasian Federal District and Russian federation and analyze its development after 22 years from the beginning of the First Chechen War. The first and second parts of the thesis include the characteristics and significance of the North Caucasian Federal District, analysis of analyzed ethnic and social structure of the population of the studied region and the historical and political context of the war. The following chapter deals with the core of the bachelor thesis, the impact of the conflict and the social and economic spheres. The last part is SWOT analysis of general and economic factors of the district

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