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Approach to Phonetics in French Textbooks
Honzíčková, Lucie ; Nováková, Sylva (advisor) ; Bořek - Dohalská, Marie (referee)
This thesis deals with the changing role of phonetics in the history of teaching French as a foreign language. It provides a probe into the most significant methods of language teaching (the Grammar Translation Method, the Direct Method, the Audiolingual Method, the SGAV, Communicative Approach), including the current role of phonetics in teaching French. It also outlines a possible further development. The historical overview is then demonstrated on chosen French textbooks representing the individual methods, including a more detailed analysis of two contemporary textbooks. The analysis aims to provide information concerning the frequency of phonetic exercises, their focus, type and the use of phonetic transcription. Based on the theoretical background and the practical analysis, a list of inspiring approaches and techniques for current French teaching is made.
Approximants in a perception and production of Czech students
Navrátilová, Eliška ; Duběda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bořek - Dohalská, Marie (referee)
Title: Approximants in a perception and production of Czech students Abstract: This work investigates the characteristics of three French approximants [j] - [] - [w]. First, they are analysed by historical, articulatory, and accoustic points of view. There is a brief summary of the problems and development of the terminology. We compare their appearance in French with their appearance in Czech. In the experimental part, there are studies of perception and of production by Czech students. We use an analysis of forms and of recordings in which we identify specific mistakes. Then, we look for the reasons for these mistakes in order to propose some solutions and ways to prevent them and, eventual-ly, check them. This thesis set up a compact system of activities and methods in receptive appropriation and active appropriation.
Important personalities of the didactics of French as a foreign language since 1950
Stammová, Markéta ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bořek - Dohalská, Marie (referee)
This work presents the chronological development of foreign languages teaching methods, with a focus on French especially. With these methods, we provide an overview of the learning materials development. The aim of this work is to introduce the didacticians of French language from the 1950s who worked on teaching methodologies. The first part briefly presents the French language extension history and, then, the traditional, direct and audio-lingual teaching language methods details that we encounter before the 1950s. The second part deals with the second half of the last century. On the background of the audiovisual structurally global approach, we encounter the main persons linked to this method. Consequently, we continue with the communication approach and the Speech acts of J. L. Austin and J. Searl, followed by Daniel Coste and his"Niveau Seuil". The last part deals with the Common European Framework of Reference, followed by 21st century most representative didacticians. Keywords Didactics, French language, teaching methods, CEFR, history of teaching methods
The Issue of Rhythmic Groups in Spoken French
Kurková, Daniela ; Nováková, Sylva (advisor) ; Bořek - Dohalská, Marie (referee)
The study is concerned with the division of the French speech into rhythmic groups. The first part attempts to outline the theoretical background of the issue. The thesis is concerned with terms such as rhythmic groups, the French accent and the comparison between the French and the Czech phonetic system. The aim of the practical part of this paper is to find out to what extent Czech students of French at the Faculty of Education are able to use the phenomenon spontaneously in their speech with regard to the complete difference between the phonological rules of both languages. For reaching the aim of the paper several methodological procedures are employed. The first part which is concerned with theory books of both languages allows forming the hypothesis. Subsequently, the hypothesis is verified in quality-based research which examines the production of speech by Czech students. To analyze correctly the tested speech produced by Czech students, a comparison with speech recorded by French native speakers is used. The division into rhythmic groups and the correct use of accent are analyzed and evaluated in the final part. KEYWORDS Phonetics, Phonology, Rhythmic Groups, Accent, French
Using Multimedia for Supporting Listening Comprehension at Students of French Language
Mádlová, Michaela ; Bořek - Dohalská, Marie (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee) ; Suquet, Petra (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with the skill of listening comprehension and using multimedia for its support in the French language teaching process. The issue is studied within the context of Czech curricular documents. It classifies language skills from the point of view of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The process of listening comprehension is described in linguo-didactics from the historical point of view and as a process of language communication. Attention is paid especially to listening comprehension in foreign language teaching. The thesis focuses also on methodical procedures when developing and reinforcing this language skill. Integration of multimedia with respect to varied learning styles and strategies is described. Styles according to the perception preferences and listening learning strategies are focused on. The aim of the thesis is to find out what is the position of the listening comprehension skill in the French language teaching process at upper-secondary schools, what is the success rate of the students in the process of comprehension of the spoken language, whether multimedia can contribute to successful comprehension of the spoken language in a foreign language. The issue is viewed from the perspective of the students as well as the teachers....
The history and present of the Czech community in France with a focus on associational life
Havlová, Zuzana ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bořek - Dohalská, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the Czech community in France in both the past and present. In general, it focuses on the community organizing of Czech compatriots. The aim of the thesis is to gain a fundamental overview of this topic, to find interesting relations, and to point out the importance of compatriot associations for Czechs living in France. The thesis is based on the search in literary and internet sources, the knowledge gained via questionnaires, other conversation and the author's personal experiences during her stay in Nantes. The first part of the thesis provides basic information about the history of Czech emigration to France, the development of compatriot associations, and the start of Czech schools and Czech high-school sections in France. The second part of the thesis introduces the overview of current associations and other institutions related to Czechs and Czech culture in France. It deals, in more detail, with the activity of chosen Franco-Czech associations working in various French regions. These organizations are available for Czech compatriots to join actively. The representatives of these associations, by filling out a questionnaire, provide compelling information and observations about the most frequented organization events, the level of compatriots' interest in the...
Native speakers and instruction of the french language in Czechoslovak Republic
Oulická, Iva ; Hnilica, Jiří (advisor) ; Bořek - Dohalská, Marie (referee)
The subject of the thesis is teaching of French language and its lecturers in the territory of Czech lands during the period of 1848-1989. The thesis describes development of conditions of teaching French, transformation of methods of teaching foreign languages and changes in the position of French language in Czech environment. It also outlines personal changes in the headship of Romance Studies at Czech universities. The thesis treats French lecturers at universities, particularly in the period of 1960-1989, and portrays their characteristics, position, objectives, work and attitude towards Czechoslovak Socialist Republic by individual examples.

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