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Analysis of the experience of imprisonment in the context of drug career
Bartošová, Irena ; Matoušek, Petr (advisor) ; Svěcená, Kateřina (referee)
Background: A chain of repetitive phenomena is seen in the lives of drug users in the forms of drug use - committing crimes - commencing imprisonment - learning new practices - dismissing from prison - using addictive substances - committing further crimes - then resuming imprisonment. The main goal is to describe the experience of serving a sentence drug-related prisoners. The method of data collection and analysis is grounded theory and qualitative analysis of interviews (biographical interviews). The results of the research were compared with the analysis of specialized literature on the topic. Results and discussion: The work is divided into 3 periods of time - life before imprisonment, whose events determined drug use and criminality, imprisonment as an environment of phenomenon of imprisonment and life after imprisonment as a period of returning to society. Conclusions: During the course of life, Contacts got into very risky situations that they were unable to solve in a constructive way. Drug use and crime were/ are the solution to these difficult life events. Increased strictness of rules in prisons does not guarantee a reduction in the threat of recidivism. The experience of imprisonment in itself makes it difficult to adapt to life in freedom. Keywords: Drug user, drug career, imprisonment
The Specialised Institution for Youth Endangered Addiction and Addicted
Bartošová, Irena ; Večerka, Kazimír (advisor) ; Pánková, Veronika (referee)
The present thesis deals with specialized institutions focused on the instructional-educational process of juveniles in institutional education or preliminary injunction or protective upbringing. Within this rather large field of action, the thesis concentrates specifically on boys who have been found addicted to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or alcohol. The boys' selection is further limited by their location in the Diagnostic Institute for Youth and subsequent transfer to specialized wards of three educational institutions dealing with this issue. The research part of the bachelor thesis deals with questions that involve primarily the issues of family background of addicted children - teenage boys. This section describes the most commonly represented family constellations, the number of siblings in families, study characteristics, the addiction start with regard to age, narcotics preferences etc. For the purposes of this research, we have chosen a sample of 47 clients who were, in the years 2009 to 2010, placed in the Diagnostic Institute for Youth in Prague 2 and subsequently transferred to specialized departments in educational institutions. The thesis further contains three detailed case studies of selected clients, which clearly and, above all, matter-of-factly complement the...
Statement of Balances and Financial Analysis of the Company VODNÍ DÍLA - TBD a.s.
Bartošová, Irena ; Randáková, Monika (advisor) ; Bokšová, Jiřina (referee)
The diploma paper dissert on external financial analysis, that is proccessed on the basis of data of statement of balances. First it is focused on the description of informations included in financial statements and second on financial analysis (above all on techniques of horizontal and vertical analysis and analysis of ratios indicators). The result of this paper is practical application on the company VODNÍ DÍLA - TBD a.s.

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