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Stress manegement strategies for students of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Our society is constantly changing, accelerating and bringing new knowledge. Activities which took a few days 30 years ago are nowadays a matter of second thanks to the technological advance which is changing our society into information kind. We can perceive every change as an influence or interference with the original state so if a society is changing significantly, it brings stressors and stressful situations for the individuals which live in it. In addition, in the last two years the society has gone through several months of covid-19 pandemic which changed life of almost everyone on this planet. These changes, prohibitions and threats bring new stressors to life and negatively affect both physical and mental health. That was the reason why I decided to dedicate my thesis to stress management strategies. The objective of the thesis is to point out the importance of mental hygiene, healthy lifestyle and mental health in the context of life and experiencing it. In the practical part, I also conducted a stress management strategies survey for people from my immediate environment and students of the University of South Bohemia. Survey as a quantitative method of public opinion research searches for answers to predetermined research questions, then chooses representative sample from the ranks of students of University of South Bohemia, who are given a standardized questionnaire SVF 78. It is evaluated in the conclusion of the thesis. The answers to the research question are the found from the final analysis of gathered data. I firmly believe that my thesis will be able to serve not only as a manual for everyone who experienced this period of changes which affected their mental wellbeing but also as feedback for the reader, how he himself handles incoming stress and new stressors.
Authorship and the Interpretation of Works of Art
This bachelor thesis will be focused on problems of autorship in the theory of interpretation. It will introduce crucial texts, which deal with the role of an empirical author and relevance of his intention for interpretation of work of art. It will confront their arguments and reflect offered solutions. Theoretical reflection will be supported by examples of art history, film or literature.
Mobile Marketing and Its Applications
The goal of this thesis is to characterize a specific application of mobile marketing, particularly the application of location based mobile marketing by the company H&M in the Czech Republic. The company is one of the largest global clothing retailers. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part. The first one was completed by researching specialized literature and online resources and was crucial for understanding and completing the actual analysis of the specific mobile marketing application in the practical part of the thesis. The second part of the thesis contains the description of the company, its history, company values and concept. Furthermore, the work includes the analysis of the marketing mix with emphasis on the communication mix of the company. In the actual analysis of the specific application of mobile marketing in the company H&M, I described the geolocation SMS campaign and tried to submit improvement proposals for future use of this type of mobile marketing campaign and also suggested other possibilities in using location based mobile marketing in the company.
Analysis of marketing environment in company ACR auto, a.s.
This bachelor thesis analyses the marketing environment of company ACR auto, a.s. and submits improvement proposals of the current situation. The thesis is devided into two parts, theoretical and practical.

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