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Comparison of Residential Segments in Pardubice and Hradec Králové
Šeps, Daniel ; Hakl, Filip (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with global analysis and further analysis of the real estate market in the European Union, the Czech Republic and especially in the cities of Hradec Králové and Pardubice. The target of the thesis is to compile a global analysis of residential segments between Pardubice and Hradec Králové, especially the influence of spatial planning, socio-economic factors and economic comparison.
Šeps, Daniel ; Machová, Petra (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the design of a free-standing veterinary clinic building in Nová Paka, in the form of project documentation for the construction. The building of the veterinary clinic consists of 3 rectangles forming a Z-shape, where the entrance to the building of the veterinary clinic, its operational and administrative part is located in the eastern part. In the western rectangle there is a separate and operationally separate entrance to the apartment unit, which is located on the second floor. The entrance to the veterinary clinic building and the housing unit is barrier-free. The building will be located in a slightly sloping terrain (3.49%). The main facade of the building with the entrance to the building is oriented to the southwest. The separate entrance to the apartment unit is from the northeast side. The perimeter masonry consists of the Porotherm system with the ETICS contact thermal insulation system in a thickness of 300 mm and 200 mm ETICS masonry. The internal load-bearing masonry also consists of a Porotoherm masonry system in a thickness of 250 mm. Internal non-load-bearing masonry consisting of the Porotherm system in thicknesses of 115 and 140 mm. The ceiling structure consists of a reinforced concrete slab th. 200 mm. Above the veterinary clinic, the roof area forming the terrace of the housing unit is considered, divided into two parts 1) with a vegetation layer and 2) with a tread layer of concrete paving on the targets. The main waterproofing layer of the flat roof consists of strips of SBS modified asphalt. Above the 2nd floor, a sloping hip roof made of glued wooden trusses is considered, and a sheet metal roofing is considered as the roof covering of the truss roof. The windows are designed with insulating triple glazing. The attic on the flat roof is equipped with an aluminum railing with a vertical bar infill. The building is heated by a gas condensing boiler, the building is also designed forced ventilation
Residential building
Šeps, Daniel ; Bartlová, Jana (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the design of a new building of a detached apartment building in Nová Paka in the form of project documentation for construction. The buiding is designed brick with reinforced concrete ceilings. Perimeter walls on the 1st – 3rd floor is designed ceramic brick blocks th. 300 mm with contact thermal insulation system ETICS th. 200mm, which will be equipped with silicone plaster 1,5mm. Perimeter walls on the underground floor is designed permanent shuttering DITTON 30 th. 300mm, filled with concrete C20/25 XC1 and by steel B500B insulated with extruded polystyrene XPS th. 160mm. Internal load-bearing masonry wall is designed with acoustic ceramic brick blocks th. 250 mm. Partitions are designed from acoustic partition walls. On the ceilings is a hardwood flooring because of excellent acoustic characteristics. The roof is designed as a flat green roof with extensive vegetation and with thermal isolation of minera wool and with waterproofing layer made of bituminous modified SBS strips laid in two layers. Balcony railing is designed aluminous with safety glass paneling.

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