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Mathematical potential of activities in the classes of physical education in elementary school
Šíp, Ondřej ; Slezáková, Jana (advisor) ; Jirotková, Darina (referee)
This thesis is concerned with exploration of the interdisciplinarity of school subjects, specifically the link between mathematics and physical education. The educational goals and content of these subjects, as they are taught in majority of schools, are described in the theoretical part. The subsequent chapters analyze the form of interdisciplinarity in the current educational system, with the focus on the interdisciplinary relation between mathematics and physical education. The practical part of this thesis consists of case reports of students who took part in physical education with activities focused on rhythm in mathematics. This intervention was administered in two fourth grade classes, that were compared with two different fourth grades that took part in regular physical education. The differences between these classes were investigated by examining the students' attitude towards mathematics and physical education, as well as students' mathematical knowledge, which was assessed by administering tests before and after the physical education interventions. Additionally, the thesis contains the collection of the exercises that the students took part in, and which can be used to improve rhythmical and mathematical abilities. KEYWORDS mathematics, physical education, interdisciplinary relations,...
Information resources in athletics (track and field)
Šíp, Ondřej ; Boudová, Lucie (advisor) ; Šidlichovská, Zuzana (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to analyze information resources in the field of light athletics, to describe its content, structure, tools and specifics. Resources for public in general and for groups involved in light athletics (athletes as well as trainers) are discussed in detail. Thesis describes short history of athletics, its development from ancient times and the analysis of the most important athletics portals.
Manipulation and material flow in production of steel construction
Šíp, Ondřej ; Metelka, Bohumil (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis discourse about of material flow in production , following the deployment of workstations and handling equipement. It compares different methods of analysis on the basis of theoretical knowledge and processes them in calculation part. Within the problem it follows the expansion of production of a new machine and new areas.