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„A Tragedy Turned Upside Down”: Amateur Operetta ant Its Place in Folk Entertainment
Čadková, Daniela
Organizing amateur parodical operettas or musical farces was a regular part of social entertainment, special evenings, amateur performances and carnivals and New Year’s Eve parties in the second of half of the 19th century. We use the example of the Edip král (parody of Sophocles Oedipus Rex) to demonstrate the popularity of this genre including its specific traits, scenographic practices and parodical processes.
Dazzled by the Hellenic Sun: Reception of the Classical Antiquality in the Czech Literature Between 1880 and 1910
Čadková, Daniela ; Hrbata, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Stehlíková, Eva (referee) ; Hrdlička, Josef (referee)
The theme of the dissertation is the reception of the Classical Antiquity in the Czech Literature between 1880 and 1910. The aim was to analyse the ways in which Czech culture related to the Classical Antiquity in the period of increased concern with Classical topics, motifs and forms. The first, largest part, methodologically inspired by the demythicizing perspective of Vladimír Macura and Jiří Rak, concerns with stereotypical views of the Classical Antiquity particularly prominent in the contemporary discourse: the antithetical image of noble Greece and corrupted Rome, the topos of bright Hellenic Sun and clear Sky, the ideology behind the common opinion that Ancient sculptures were all white (and the reactions to the discovery that they were, in fact, polychrome), the topos of a Greek athletic body and its employment in the policy of the Czech sports movement 'Sokol' (Falcon), and last but not least the topos of a man unspoilt by civilization and living in accordance with the Nature. Separate chapters are also devoted to two then important intermediaries of reception, grammar schools and translation. In the second part, attention is drawn to the representation of the Classical Antiquity in dramatic plays by Jaroslav Vrchlický, especially the dramatic trilogy Hippodamie, and their reception in...