Název: With a little help from my friends: "understanding the roles and importance of the millipede gut microbiome"
Autoři: NWEZE, Julius Eyiuche
Typ dokumentu: Disertační práce
Rok: 2024
Jazyk: eng
Abstrakt: This research aimed to elucidate the role and importance of the millipede gut microbiome in cellulose digestion by using inhibitors to disrupt potential host-symbiosis and assessing their effects on millipede digestion and overall health. It involved the first comprehensive profiling of microbial communities within the hindgut and faeces of two distinct millipede species: Epibolus pulchripes, a tropical species found on the East African coast, and Glomeris connexa, a temperate species native to Central Europe. Although both species share a similar detritivorous lifestyle, they differ in size and gut redox conditions, with G. connexa being smaller (10-17 mm) than E. pulchripes (130-160 mm). The study also revealed the potential of the hindgut bacterial community in breaking down complex polysaccharides and recycling nutrients. It described the active bacterial community vital for certain processes and the extent of the millipedes' dependence on them. Additionally, the research provided a comprehensive investigation of viral communities in the hindguts of the two millipedes and their role in enhancing metabolism and modulating microbial composition. Furthermore, it introduced a new perspective that millipedes primarily ingest litter to gain access to microbial biomass (primarily fungal), which they and their gut microbiota consume.
Klíčová slova: acetogenesis; CARD-FISH; Epibolus pulchripes; Glomeris connexa; hindgut; metagenomics; metatranscriptomics; methane; microbes; Millipedes; nitrogen cycling; plant litter; polysacchride degradation; protists; RNA-SIP; sulphur cycling; urolytic bacteria; virsues
Citace: NWEZE, Julius Eyiuche. With a little help from my friends: "understanding the roles and importance of the millipede gut microbiome". České Budějovice, 2024. disertační práce (Ph.D.). JIHOČESKÁ UNIVERZITA V ČESKÝCH BUDĚJOVICÍCH. Přírodovědecká fakulta

Instituce: Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích (web)
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