Original title: Cosmology on Small Scales 2022: Dark Energy and the Local Hubble Expansion Problem
Authors: Křížek, Michal ; Dumin, Y. V.
Document type: Proceedings
Conference/Event: Cosmology on Small Scales 2022, Prague (CZ), 20220921
Year: 2022
Language: eng
Abstract: One hundred years ago, Russian mathematician and physicist Alexander A. Friedmann applied the system of Einstein equations to the three-dimensional sphere with a time varying radius. In this way, he obtained a nonlinear ordinary differential equation which is called the Friedmann equation after him and serves now as a cornerstone of the standard cosmological model. Unfortunately, it is well known that this model exhibits a number of paradoxes. Thus, the main goal of the CSS 2022 Conference Proceedings is to discuss whether and how the Friedmann equation can be applied at the various spatial scales, from our local cosmic neighborhood up to the whole Universe, and if the existence of dark matter and dark energy are merely artifacts of the excessive extrapolations.
Keywords: dark energy; dark matter; Friedmann equation; local Hubble expansion

Institution: Institute of Mathematics AS ČR (web)
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External URL: https://css2022.math.cas.cz/proceedingsCSS2022.pdf
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