Original title: Integrativní validace Přínos a problémy přístupu v péči o pacienty s demencí
Translated title: Integrative Validation
Authors: Janečková, Klára ; Hadj - Moussová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Goldmann, Petr (referee)
Document type: Master’s theses
Year: 2009
Language: cze
Abstract: The main focus of this thesis is Nicole Richard's Integrative Validation approach which has been developed specifically for patients suffering from dementia. The aim is, firstly, to give a comprehensive description of this approach which previously in the Czech Republic has been neither applied nor described in detail, and secondly, to look at its theoretical foundations and evaluate its practical implications for patient care. Integrative Validation is described as a non-pharmaceutical holistic approach to patients suffering from dementia with the principal aim of improving the lives of these patients and of dealing with the problematic behaviour of patients suffering from BPSD (Behavioral and psychological Symptoms of Dementia). The approach makes use of the so called interviews in Integrative Validation which are conducted between carers trained in Integrative Validation and patients suffering from dementia. These interviews are based on several basic principles: carers endeavour to understand the experience of patients, to mirror their emotions and, whenever possible, to come up with solutions. By contrast, carers should not attempt to bring disoriented patients back to reality, confront them with their disorientation, interpret their behaviour, take what they say literally nor distract them from their...

Institution: Charles University Faculties (theses) (web)
Document availability information: Available in the Charles University Digital Repository.
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