Original title: Effect of the controllable bearings lubricated by magnetically sensitive oil on vibration of rigid rotors
Authors: Zapoměl, Jaroslav ; Ferfecki, P.
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: International Conference Engineering Mechanics 2020 /26./, Brno (CZ), 20201124
Year: 2020
Language: eng
Abstract: Dynamical properties of hydrodynamic bearings depend of the Sommerfeld number. To avoid rupture of the oil film of heavily loaded bearings or inducing self-excited oscillation of rotors operating at high angular velocities the Sommerfeld number should remain in a certain interval that depends of the bearing size and design. The only parameter that can be changed during the rotor running to adapt the Sommerfeld number and thus the bearing performance to the current operating conditions is the dynamical viscosity. This is offered by application of magnetic fluids as lubricants. This paper reports on a new design concept of a controllable hydrodynamic bearings lubricated by composite liquid. The research is focused on investigation of the possibilities of the control process on the load capacity of the bearings and on the rotor vibration amplitude attenuation.
Keywords: composite magnetic fluids; controllable hydrodynamic bearing; increase of the load capacity; rigid rotors; vibration attenuation
Host item entry: ENGINEERING MECHANICS 2020, ISBN 978-80-214-5896-3, ISSN 1805-8248

Institution: Institute of Thermomechanics AS ČR (web)
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External URL: https://www.engmech.cz/im/doc/EM2020_proceedings.pdf
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