Original title: Comparing Of 3D Models Used For Shadow Simulation In Pvsol
Authors: Šmatlo, Filip
Document type: Papers
Language: cze
Publisher: Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta elektrotechniky a komunikačních technologií
Abstract: This article mainly describes creating the 3D model in PVSOL[1] and comparing with real 3D model created in photogrammetry software PIX4D[2]. Main advantage of real 3D model is the precision of shading simulations. Any shadow on photovoltaic module decreases output power so it is important to have precise model of every object that could shade photovoltaic modules. This article also describes design of a photovoltaic system in designing software PVSOL.
Keywords: photogrammetry; photovoltaic; PIX4D; PVSOL; system
Host item entry: Proceedings of the 25st Conference STUDENT EEICT 2019, ISBN 978-80-214-5735-5

Institution: Brno University of Technology (web)
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