Original title: Solid-state Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles on Dimpled Aluminum Surfaces and Their Transfer to Transparent Substrates
Authors: Lednický, Tomáš
Document type: Papers
Language: eng
Publisher: Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta elektrotechniky a komunikačních technologií
Abstract: In this work, it is proposed a novel and cost-effective fabrication method for forming gold nanoparticle films on transparent substrates. The method involves fabrication of templated aluminium substrate by porous-type anodic oxidation of aluminium foils. Furthermore, a thin gold layer is deposited over and subsequently annealed which results into the gold nanoparticles formation. Additionally, it is proposed a transfer onto transparent substrates such as PDMS or PMMA. The goal of this research is to build a localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensor element with a high performance and low fabrication costs.
Keywords: aluminium; gold; LSPR; nanoparticles; PDMS; SPR
Host item entry: Proceedings of the 22nd Conference STUDENT EEICT 2016, ISBN 978-80-214-5350-0

Institution: Brno University of Technology (web)
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