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Technology of manufacturing of carbon fibre composites by hot forming
Přikryl, Pavel ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the composite materials and especially aims on the carbon and glass fiber composites. It points out different composition types and manufacturing methods which reflect in the different mechanical properties, final quality of the manufactured part and also in the manufacturing time. The practical part includes two particular manufacturing methods using prepregs, one cured in an autoclave and one by hot compression moulding.
Application of composite materials for sport optics
Kupčák, Radim ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor)
In Its first half this master's thesis describes composite materials with carbon fiber reinforced plastics being the main focus point. An overview of production technologies follows. The major objective of the second part of this master's thesis is to design and manufacture a simplified model of an optical device using prepregs.
Modeling insurance claims of vehicles with extended warranty
Škorňa, Šimon ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor) ; Frýd, Lukáš (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to introduce reader to possibilities of empirical analysis of insurance claims. Benefit of this thesis is description of effects that certain variables have on occurrence of insurance claims, while using wide range of suitable modelling techniques. Before the techniques are presented, reader is briefly introduced to issues of car insurance company. Insurance claims are modelled by most common techniques such as models with binary response variable and count models as well as survival analysis, which uses variable capturing number of days until claim occur. Results of above mentioned models are discussed and subsequently compared, which allows to demonstrate robustness of these results.
Setting of the exposition limit for brokerage companies using risk quantifying methods
Nováková, Kateřina ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor) ; Holý, Vladimír (referee)
This thesis is focused on brokerage companies, the middlemen of investors' demands for buying and selling currency pair, and their problems of determining the proper limit on their currency exposition. The limit value has an influence on company's gains and losses resulting from exchange rate movement. The thesis describes a method how to quantify the risk of loss utilizing common financial indicators like Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall. The aim of the~thesis is to describe how to estimate these indicators. Real data supplied by brokerage company are used for calculation. The replication method is applied for determining the values of indicators, data for calculation are stochastically simulated. All calculations are implemented in R.
Analysis of the impact of Retail bank’s price-setting policy change
Lehocký, Dominik ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor) ; Dlouhá, Zuzana (referee)
The environment of low interest rates results in a sharp competition in the banking industry. To stay competitive, banks must be able to respond to rival offers practically immediately. For this purpose, so-called price exceptions are being used. Their use, however, results in a large amount of administrative burden. To alleviate this administrative burden, the bankers were given some competencies regarding pricing. There is a concern, however that this change may be accepted as a flat-rate price cut. It is for this reason that it is necessary to analyse on real data how this change in the internal policy of Retail Bank is manifested. The problem, however, is that there are several factors that cannot always be recorded in the process of data collection. This is precisely why this analysis estimates the impact of new competences using multilevel models. These allow for a certain form of variability for specific groups of observations and consider the presence of unattended factors.
Pharmacoeconomical analysis of multiple sclerosis in the Czech Republic
Grishko, Anna ; Sobíšek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Zouhar, Jan (referee)
Pharmacoeconomics is an interdisciplinary scientific field that serves to guide optimal health care resource allocation. Pharmacoeconomics evaluates costs and effects of pharmaceutical products. Conclusions from pharmacoeconomical studies are used as a basis in the process of registering new medicines, pricing and reimbursement of new and already registered medicines. In addition, such studies are also important for health insurers, patient organizations and doctors. Besides evaluating financial costs, pharmacoeconomical studies evaluate non-financial outcomes, for example, effects on the patient's quality of life. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to applicate Continuous-Time Markov Model on clinical data of patients with multiple sclerosis in Czech Republic. In this thesis, disease progression models for two distinct groups of patients are compared. The disability progression in multiple sclerosis affects the costs of illness and increases the overall economic burden of disease. One of the goals of this study is to find out whether early treatment with disease modifying drugs is able to delay progression to functional disability. Furthermore, the research of papers and literature on multiple sclerosis and pharmacoeconomics was carried out.
Econometric analysis of dependence beer’s consumption on smoke-free law
Sukup, Vojtěch ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor) ; Polonyankina, Tatiana (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out whether there is some dependence between beer consumption and smoke-free law in 41 countries of Europe and adjacent areas in the period from 1998 to 2012 using econometric analysis. The thesis is divided into theoretical part with methodology and practical part. The empirical part is processed by the StataCorp software program STATA. Due to the nature of the database, it is necessery work with them as panel database. These are different from cross-section and time series data. In the STATA program, models OLS, GLS, LDSV, GEE and more, are designed to work with panel data. In the final phase of my work I choose the best model and interpret its values. The intended objective of the work was achieved because the smoke-free law in all models had a negative effect on the consumption of beer.
Empirical comparison of imputation methods for missing values in data
Ostrenska, Alona ; Holý, Vladimír (advisor) ; Zouhar, Jan (referee)
Missing values are present in all types of data such as different surveys, socio-scientific information etc. In many applications, it is necessary to replace missing observations to maintain the size of the dataset needed for the statistics. This bachelor thesis at first place introduce the categories of causes of missing data and the problems connected with them. The next step is to acquaint with common methods of imputation of missing values and the explanation of applicating those methods on real data in the context of linear regression. Then the assumptions of linear regression models that are based on data with artificially created missing observations are verified. These observations are removed using the mentioned mechanisms and different proportion of missing, with seven subsequent imputation methods. Regression models constructed based on such imputed datasets are then statically verified. Finally, imputation models are compared using different statistics and visualizations and is suggested possible solution - particular methods in case of a real problem of incomplete data.
The Electoral Success of Far-right in Slovakia: An Empirical Analysis
Osuský, Peter ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor) ; Formánek, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to find factors that were catalysts or inhibitors of the unexpected electoral success of the far-right Slovak party People's Party - Our Slovakia and to create a model that describes its electoral gains elections across districts in the latest 2016 Slovak parliamentary election. For this purpose, methods of linear regression and spatial regression analysis are applied. The thesis concludes that using specific demographic, socioeconomic and in the case of spatial regression as well geographic characteristics of individual electoral districts such as share of population with higher education, share of male population, substantial presence of Roma or Hungarian minority etc., the electoral gains of the party across them can be relatively accurately estimated.
Philosophy of Louis Althusser in his ‚theoreticist' period
Kužel, Petr ; Hauser, Michael (advisor) ; Hohoš, Ladislav (referee) ; Zouhar, Jan (referee)
TITLE: The Philosophy of Louis Althusser in his ‚theoreticist' period AUTHOR: Petr Kužel DEPARTMENT: Social Sciences and Philosophy, Department SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Michael Hauser Ph.D. ABSTRACT: The thesis focuses on a philosophy of Louis Althusser in his "teoreticist" period, i.e. 1960-1967. The work is divided to four essentials sections: epistemology, ontology, psychoanalyse and ideology. We put accent on epistemological problematic, which is in this period of a development of Althusser's philosophy unequivocally dominant. In introduction of this text is explained historical and political context, in which Althusser realized his "theoretical intervention". The thesis treat on Althusser's conviction, that inadequate theory leads to deformed political practice and that Marxist theory exists till now in his "applied form", notably in The Capital. According to Althusser this Marxist theory wasn't adequately theoretically formed. Our work characterises Althusser's tentative to create and theoretically formulate this theory. This Althusser's tentative is connected with an effort to draw a "line of demarcation" between the Marxism and the pre-Marxist idealist notions, which are foreign to authentic Marxism. Althusser's critique focuses on Stalinism, "theoretical humanism", empiricism and Hegelianism. In present...

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