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Semantic function of the mammalian tail in the design of anal pole of the body
Baxa, Marek ; Komárek, Stanislav (advisor) ; Kleisner, Karel (referee)
The tail in mammals is an important organ, which in contrast to most vertebrae, doesn't add to the motor function of their bodies. The use of the mamals' tail is much more varied and it can fulfill many different functions. This work includes a survey of these functions and analyzes collected data concerning 553 spieces of mammals across all families. The data includes information about the length of tail, the length of body, body mass, living environment and outer signs on the anal pole of these species. The resulting analysis concludes that the tail length is dependent both on the length of the mammal's body and its living environment. Outward signs of the tail depend on its length as well as the length of the body and the living environment. Distinctive tail ending and tail base probably fulfill a communicative function. The tail is more likely to have communication than cryptic significance.
Inpact of fishery management on the structure and dynamics food sources and environmental conditions in selected fispond areas.
BAXA, Marek
The observation was carried out in twenty fishponds in the surrounding of Vodňany and seven fisponds in the surrounding of Třeboň. The aim of the work was to evaluete the quality and quantity of the zooplankton depending on fish production. The samples were obtained and the observations were realized during the 4 years in Vodňany fishponds area and during the 2 years in Třeboň fishponds area. At first the samples were collected and data about the observed localities were organized. These data should explain changes in the aquatic ecosystems of these fishponds areas during the last decades.

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4 Baxa, Marek
2 Baxa, Milan
1 Baxa, Monika
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